Why More Business Owners are Using Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has worked with millions of people internationally to better run their businesses. The main purpose and goals behind Madison Street Capital is to provide financial assistance and management tools to those who are in need of it. Because of its recent mention in the Chicago Tribune because of its CEO being recognized as a top entrepreneur, many people are now interested in what Madison Street Capital is all about and what types of services they can offer to the average business owner.

First and foremost, Madison Street Capital works with businesses to get their finances better on track. If you have investments that you would like to make, you will find that the professionals of Madison Street Capital will advise you on which investments to go for and which ones you should avoid. Other than investments, Madison Street Capital can also work with your finances and provide knowledge and advice on how to better manage money. Whether you are a business owner or an individual who is looking for help, Madison Street Capital can be there to assist you in all matters.

You will find that Madison Street Capital has worked with so many people that they are able to provide these skills on an individualized basis. This means that you will not be given a normal plan that they have used on thousands of others because they will instead work with you and your specific financial goals. Once this has been established, it will be simple for you to get ahead of the game because all of your investments and finances are put into place. The Madison Street Capital professionals have worked diligently to grow their business into what it is today.

Madison Street Capital has helped so many business owners and individuals alike. Because of its potential to help you as well, you might want to contact the experts and find out more about the services being offered. You will be glad that you utilized the expertise of the professionals when they are able to get your finances in check and help with important investment decisions. You should never have to deal with these issues on your own when there is a company like Madison Street Capital out there to help. You will want to find out more about Madison Street Capital and its internationally-based offices by visiting their Facebook.

Lime Crime: Leading Ladies in the History of Beauty


Not only is Egypt part of the cradle of civilization, but it is also the makeup case of history. In the earliest recordings of Egyptian civilization, there are references to different recipes and techniques the Egyptians (women and men) used to beautify themselves. They depended on specially-trained apothecaries to blend botanicals, oils, and minerals to make up their eyes, lips, face, and nails. To them, makeup was religious sacrament as well as an aesthetic tool.

Perhaps one of the most well-known Egyptian beauties was Cleopatra VII. She and her family ruled Egypt for nearly thirty years. Her beauty was documented by her contemporaries and later historians. Cleopatras intelligence and political prowess led to romantic ties to Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Her iconic makeup includes heavy eyeliner (the eye of Osiris), bronzer, and ruby-red lips. She knew who she was and got the attention she wanted.

Marie Antoinette

It is good to be queen, even if it is just for a season. The French are legendary for their love of fashion and flare. Beauty products were usually reserved for aristocracy, and people displayed their wealth and social status with their fashion. Some of the lengths that French high society went to attain their idea of beauty is overwhelming.

One of the most prominent patron of French fashion was Queen Marie Antoinette. Beauty was a priority to Marie and she spared no expense to get the look that she wanted. In those times, women used white powder that contained lead to whiten their faces and enormous hairdos. Marie had a whole entourage of makeup artists, dress designers, and hair stylists to maintain her appearance in the French court. Even though her gross spending sprees led to her demise, she holds a seat of honor in the Historic Beauty Hall of Fame.

Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis

No one embodied the simple, classic American beauty like Jaqueline Onassis. She awed the crowds as she and her late husband, John F. Kennedy, rode the campaign trails to the presidency. As First Lady, women in American tried to emulate her chic style and simple lines. She made the pill box hat famous and was the center of attention in many international visits. Later in life, she popularized women wearing jeans and turtle necks, as well as dark, oversized sunglasses. America never had a queen; however, Jackie came pretty close to it.

Beauty is as much part of world history as any other innovation. Since the first time that women saw their own reflection in pools of water, they wanted colors to enhance their natural beauty. Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, continues the honorable quest for the best makeup options for customers. Deere developed vivid hues that complemented her chic clothing designs. Customers rave about Lime Crime s line of lipstick, blush, eye shadows, eye liners, glitters, and nail polishes.

All customers have to do is go to the Lime Crime website and order from a whole line of eye-popping colors. The site is user-friendly and Deere is constantly developing new shades and products. She will join her fashionable sisters in the colorful history of beauty and makeup.

Pulier Gave Service Mesh its First Chance at Life

CSC Buys Service Mesh

Recently CSC bought out Service Mesh. Service Mesh was a company started by Eric Pulier. It is a cloud managing computer company. Something that did not exist at one point but now this technology has become so popular that anyone who uses technology deems Cloud a household name. How often have you hear, It is up in my cloud. The idea that everyone would have this cloud somewhere hanging out in the sky that holds data is absolutely amazing. That is a technology no matter how hard most try it is hard to wrap your mind around.

Eric Pulier, Name Correlates with Cloud

Eric Pulier was Co-founder and CEO of Service Mesh so he knows a ton when it comes to managing the clouds. He is actually quite the innovative spirit being a very skilled technology guru. He has done a lot for the field of technology and in an ever changing world, he is abreast to new solutions constantly. He knows his stuff and at one point even worked along-side Bill Clinton and Al Gore. How many can say that? He is someone anyone involved in the field has heard of. The recent acquisition of Service Mesh has allowed the organization to help roll out future more savvy cloud for large organizations. They will have the ability of helping to push along the growth of the cloud initiative. Eric is definitely someone you should know if you dont

Service Mesh Self- Serve

Service Mesh is the pinnacle of self-service design in the technology field. What it does is allow the cloud application to be completely automated. The idea of this is that when there is such a clever option, many can get things done which provides for better negotiation of resources. This is something that makes Service Mesh stand out. It sets itself apart from many other companies by selling itself on the ability to stream line inner office dynamics. The less the company needs to dedicate money to the more profits will be over time.

Pulier Breathed Life into Service Mesh

Pulier did just that, breathe life into Service Mesh. Without him they wouldnt have the dynamics that are now associated with the success of Service Mesh. He is prolific in being the driving force behind the company and many of the ideas came directly from his brain. He has the fortitude and know all to put Service Mesh where it needs to be so that the world is a bit more technology advanced. It is important to note that standards for Service Mesh has revolutionized the way the organizations run around the United States, without Pulier, this would be lacking.

Adam Sender Knows That Planning Is Important

In order to be a great art collector one needs to have a strategy on how to get the best art from the best artists. A great art collector does not just go out on a whim and try to find some pieces of value, but instead they need to plan carefully. Because planning will pay off for them in the end and leave them with a collection that they can feel proud of. Planning is everything when it comes to collecting art, and all of the best art collectors out there know that.

Adam Sender has long realized that he needs to have a plan in mind before he goes out to purchase a piece of art. He has a great strategy for collecting art, which involves getting pieces from artists just before they rise to fame. He has been able to use his strategic planning to get him many pieces of value. He’s put together an amazing collection because of all of the time that he took on making sure that he was doing things the right way.

Some people might think that they will be able to collect art, and they might believe that it couldn’t be hard at all, but once they go out there and try to do it for themselves, they quickly get lost. It really does take much planning, and Adam Sender seems to have things down pretty well, as he has been able to make an amazing art collection for himself.

Everyone who is wanting to be an art collector, or who just finds themselves curious to know how they work, should keep in mind that it takes careful planning in order for them to find great pieces. They have to be smart at what they are doing, just like anyone else needs to be smart in their work.

Opting for Lime Crime Makeup Instead of Off Brands

Lime Crime is well known for creating color hues that most other makeup companies will not make. Their color hues are bold as well as intense and are not marketed for those who are weak at heart. If you are more of a simple minded person who is all about loving the more natural appearance and choose makeup colors that are subtle and natural, the Lime Crime makeup line is not for you.

The makeup line specializes in makeup choices which are environment friendly and animal friendly. The company will not test on poor animals as a way to check for adverse reactions to their makeup compositions. There will never be a worry that the makeup is made from animal fats or will be tested in a lab which tests on animals. People are always looking for a more natural makeup that will speak a thousand words without sacrificing their enriched makeup color hues. More individuals are seeking the makeup that is bold and speaks out to users.

There are more individuals these days who are searching for color choices that are rare and unique as more rockers and celebrities are specializing in colors that may have only been preciously seen on the big screen or model runways. More celebs are reaching out of their comfort zone to show their true taste and since this once previous makeup flaw is now being showcased all around the globe, more people want to showcase their individuality.

Lime Crime was created to be a standout makeup line that was created by someone who had a very limited budget but had a dream that they could start their own makeup company. Since the company was started and was launched, individual companies have started to see a boom in sales of the color hues that Lime Crime only made and have launched similar color choices. The company specializes in lip gloss, lipstick,mascara and even nail polish.

The unicorn lip gloss is a real showstopper and will make your lips really standout to a crowd. The eyes will pop and shimmer when using the mascara along with the glitter line which will draw attention to your beautiful eyes. The idea of wearing all natural color tones will now be a thing of the past and with the idea of combining all the different makeup choices together, there will never be another dull moment again when wearing lime crime makeup.

You might not be interested in the color choices for yourself but may be shopping around for someone who is generally hard to shop for when holidays and birthdays come around. We all know someone who loves to standout in a crowd or who is the one person people stare and gawk at during the outings as a family and with this makeup line available, you can rest easy knowing that at least no animals were harmed during the process of manufacturering.

Finding some greenery of your own in New York City

New York City has made a lot of improvements in recent years. It is cleaner, has less crime, and is greener than it has been in awhile. This perhaps is leading people to seek their own private outdoor space, which can be a tall order here. A recent New York Times article however, managed to find several such places for under $500,000. Going by New York prices in finding NYC apartments for sale, that is not the higher end of the real estate market at all.

For a yard you might have to go to Staten Island, the article says, because many houses there have them. Finding even some outdoor space, let alone a yard, can be pretty hard in places like Queens, Brooklyn and other areas of of New York.

The article noted there were 156 condos or apartments in Manhattan listed with green space, but it did not say whether it would be private space.

In order to find a place with some green space, at under $500,000, it takes time and patience. It also takes a lot of looking as what is listed may or may not fit your needs.

You could do all the work yourself, or you could go to a real estate agency who specializes in this type of housing. Town Residential is one such real estate company, that specializes is urban living arrangements. They can sift through all the listings and find just the place you want that is hopefully within your budget.

But the New York Times article writer did find some nice places, and wrote about at least one in all the major neighborhoods of the city. It found a place in Brooklyn that was pretty small, but it had a nice little park outside, which was yours if you managed to get on the bottom floor.

In Manhattan there are penthouses with wrap around terraces that are selling at below $500,000. It is outdoors and you can put plants there, even if you are on the 50th floor. In Harlem there are not many places available with private outdoor areas, but many of the older brick buildings have private balconies where you can create an outdoor oasis.

In Queens it also hard to find such an arrangement, but the Times writer managed to find one. They found a small apartment with a small yard that was separated by an alley, but still, it was a private outdoor area.

Technology Guru Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a successful businessman who has made valuable contributions in both Verizon and Barclays throughout his career. Kheradpir was born in London but spent most of his early childhood in Iran before attending high school in Switzerland. He then furthered his education in the United States where he attended Cornell University and earned his bachelors, masters and doctorate in electrical engineering. Since that point he has lead a very distinguished career across multiple organizations.

His first professional job was through GTE laboratories where he had multiple responsibilities; Kheradpir was focused mainly on network routing, management and control. He quickly became chief information officer and was well known for adhering to a strict schedule with his new products and developments.

In the year 2000 Verizon communications was formed through the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic, Kheradpir was named Verizons e-business division before being move to CIO/CTO. He was at the forefront of Verizon’s diversification into the telecommunication services. His first major change within the organization was his implementation of a 30-day prototype schedule. Kheradpir formed small teams that had a 30 day period to come up with, test and develop new product ideas. It was these teams that contributed with Verizon FiOD Fiber Optic Video. A second notable contribution from this creation of small teams and first turn around times was the iobi, which manages and organized address books, caller ID and other features. Soon after this Verizon One was developed, this fascinating product was a combination phone, router, modem and portable device. What made all of this all the more impressive was that Kheradpir managed to decrease the technology budget by 6% of total revenue to 4%. He was well known for being an extremely tough negotiator and outsourced positions to lower cost India.

After his successful stint at Verizon he took on the position of Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank at Barclays. During his time at Barclays he made varying contributions to different products, such as the Pingit mobile payments software. The respect given to Kheradpir was evident after he was promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer, representing the first time a technology executive sat on the executive team.

Kheradpir has held many different portions throughout his career and has excelled at nearly all of them. He has been at the forefront of many new developments and practices within some of the biggest organizations in the world and will continue to be into the future.

Beneful the Beautiful Blend of Healthy Ingredients for Choosy Canines

Purina is one of the most respected pet food brands and the company is committed to creating nutritious, healthy products for your favorite fur buddy. With an eye for detail and careful consideration of canine nutritional needs Purina now offers a complete line of Beneful dog food products. In addition to moist and dry dog foods the Beneful product line also includes a variety of canine treats.

A team of animal experts spent long years researching the specific nutritional needs of dogs during every stage of the life-cycle. After exhaustive studies and intensive review of the collected data the original Beneful formula was introduced to the world. This patented formula includes a combination of high-quality protein derived from chicken, salmon, beef and eggs. Supplements of veggies, essential nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants boost the amount of healthy nutrition in each serving of Beneful on twitter.com.

It is not enough just to add extra nutrients to a bag of dog food. Purina understands that pet food must also be flavorful and interesting. This is one of the reasons that Beneful features a variety of appealing colors, textures and tempting food scents. These characteristics make the food products irresistible to dogs of all ages.

Over time the Beneful line was expanded to include unique formulas that addressed the needs of young puppies, active dogs, obese canines and dogs that were entering their senior years. Each of these life-stages presents nutritional challenges that require special combinations of healthy ingredients.

With each serving of Beneful a dog is receiving the comprehensive nutrition necessary to remain active and healthy. Simply match your dog’s age and life-style with the Beneful formula that is designed to supply 100% of the nutrients necessary for optimal health and development.

In addition to the original Beneful products pet owners can select dog foods and treats that have been designed specifically for selected groups of canines. One such choice is the “small dog” food formula that provides complete nutrition in tiny morsels that are easy for little dogs to chew.

If a dog has packed on some excess pounds due to inactivity and over-eating there is a healthy-weight formula created by the Beneful experts. This dog food offers maximum nutrition with fewer calories per serving.

There is a calcium enriched Beneful dog food that has been created for young puppies. This formula even includes a DHA supplement to promote brain, eye and circulatory development.

Senior dogs also have their own Beneful formula. Inlcuded among the ingredients are vitamins and supplements that target the health needs of older canines.

Pet owners will discover that Beneful products are available in a range of sizes. Choose your dog’s favorite selections today. Beneful is available in cans, packaged dinners, refrigerated dog food or convenient bags of dry dog food.

The Future of Home Cleaning Services

Being able to come home to a house that is clean and comfortable can bring the customer a sense of relief. Handy cleaning services have been around for decades. The provide a convenience for people that do not have the time to clean there home, and assistance for those that may not be able to home. Historically, only upper income household could afford a housekeeper. Today that is no longer true. Housekeepers are generally paid around $18 an hour; which is an affordable cost for most households wanting a home cleaning service.

Home cleaning services come in a variety of formats, and there are no shortages of them either.Home cleaning services may be provided through a company, or it may be one person that runs their own businesses. One simple google search, and an entire page of home cleaning service contacts and webpages appear. This makes is very easy for the customer to locate a house cleaning service that will meet their exact needs.

Generally, home cleaning services perform duties such as dishwashing, floor cleaning, dusting, bathroom cleaning, and litter removal. Some housekeepers may provide other duties other than cleaning. They may also take care of home maintenance, shopping, and laundry. It depends on the needs of the customer, and what duties the housekeeper is willing to provide. Other home services offer specialized services such as allergen reduction or only using green cleaning products.

Before hiring a home cleaning service the customer should do their homework to make sure they know who they are hiring. Some things the customer should take into consideration is what they need assistance with in terms of their household like organizing or cutting cleaning time out of their week, or whether they would like to hire an individual or a company. Home cleaning companies generally provide insurance, references, and taxes. If the customer is considering hiring an independent house cleaner it may mean more paperwork for the customer. Some people like the idea of developing a relationship with an individual versus a company.

When hiring either an individual or from a company the customer should be sure to ask for referrals. The best way to find a great housekeeper is to ask your family and friends to find out if they know of anyone, or if they have had a great housekeeper. After finding a house cleaners that meet their needs, the customer should interview them to make sure they will be a good git. It is also important for the customer to establish clear expectation and boundaries.

In today’s society with people living very hectic lives there is a new cleaning service that makes it very easy for customers to find a house cleaner. Handybook allows customers to order a home cleaner, plumber, or handyman all from your iphone. Handybook(handy on facebook) handles payments and scheduling for both customers and cleaners. The company now has thousands of freelance employees who complete more than 10,000 jobs a month, and they are currently operating out of 13 cities. Handybook provides the convenience that customers desire, and does away with the complicated and unreliable cleaning agencies. Handybook is a simple app and website that has brought cleaning services to the modern customer.

Billionaire Philanthropist

Kenneth Griffin is one of the highest skilled hedge fund managers in the world due to his knack for creating revenue for his clients And his skill is unsurpassed. With such a heavy emphasis on education and market research, Ken Griffin has made himself and his clients billions and billions of dollars. Being a billionaire himself and having billions of his own dollars invested in the Citadel hedge fund, he is not someone who takes the act of managing your money lightly, for he would not have achieved his reputation of being one of the worlds best hedge fund managers if he was not one to deliver on his promises and bring his clients a very substantial profit very quickly.

He started his career in the dorm rooms of Harvard University. Ken Griffin asked his parents and friends for money to put into a fund for him to manage and grow in the stock market. They quickly obliged and provided him with over $200,000 in capital for him to play the stocks. He invested their money so well that, not only was his family extremely happy with their return but hedge fund managers and founders also paid him a great amount of attention.

One in particular is Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. He gave Kenneth Griffin $1 million to invest any way that he saw fit. Griffin very quickly turned that $1 million into 1.7 million in under a year. Being that he is such a smart and aggressive hedge fund manager, he earned the respect of Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC as they would soon do business again.

As a seasoned investor and passionate, remarkable leader, he decided that it was best if he start his own company. This is when he created Citadel. The company known only as Citadel is a hedge fund that initially started out with $4.6 million, but quickly grew to over $1 billion in managed funds. The quick rise of success that he attained is not accidental. His skill, determination and hard work in the field of managing hedge funds was finally paying off.

In 2012, he was named Forbes Magazines most successful hedge fund manager because he earned over $3 billion in one year. His status in the hedge fund community grew as thousands of millionaire investors rushed to invest their money in the Citadel fund.

While it is no secret that Ken Griffin is a seasoned investor capable of making millions of dollars for his clients, what is less known is his incredible philanthropy work and his passion for the arts. He invested $200 million into an endowment fund for student scholarships at Harvard University. He also invested thousands and thousands of hours in time to several boards of art enabling foundations. He is a board member for the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

He also has acquired quite a selection of art from around the world created by very popular to unknown artists. In addition to paintings from Picasso, he has also purchased paintings from Paul Czanne and Jasper Johns.

His philanthropic efforts include multimillion dollar contributions to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Museum of Contemporary Art and the University of Chicago.