Oncotarget Sees Surge in New Doctors

The Oncotarget platform is a place where doctors are able to connect on the different research methods that they have done. They all work hard to make sure that they can help people and that they will be able to make things better for each other. There have been many instances when Oncotarget has been the reasons that doctors are able to succeed and that has made things better for people who are in different areas of the practices that they are a part of. While Oncotarget has been able to help people and while they are working to make things better for everyone, they are also doing what they can to show people that they can have a better experience while they are treating cancer patients.

With superbugs and antibiotic resistant issues becoming increasingly common, Oncotarget has begun to see even more doctors who want to become a part of the industry and who want to be able to try different things with their practices.Since Oncotarget knows that things are going to get better for people, the publication continues to offer them all of the experiences that they have. It has given them the best that they can get out of different cancer situations and has also allowed them the chance to make things better for all of the people that they serve.

Oncotarget knows the right way to make everything better and they also know that they will be able to grow their business as more doctors become active in the research area.While Oncotarget has grown a lot, it still has a long way to go. Unlike publications that doctors have been using for decades for research, Oncotarget is only years old. They will have to continue adding more information and doctors will need to make sure that they are doing what they can to keep things positive for people who they are working toward if they want Oncotarget to continue working for them. Mikhail Blagosklonny, who created Oncotarget, knows that it will take a lot of hard work to keep up with the publication no matter who it is intended for.

About the Kabbalah Centre and What It Teaches

The Kabbalah Centre is a place that teaches Kabbalah to those who want to seek out wisdom. It does not matter what your age, nationality, race or gender is. The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit that was started in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Ever since then, the Kabbalah Centre expanded to 50 locations that exist globally.

What is it that the Kabbalah Centre teaches, and why? It teaches the Zohar, which is the foundation of Kabbalistic teachings, as well as Kabbalistic teachings. The Kabbalah Centre takes an approach to teaching that is friendly to students who may not be familiar with the Hebrew language or with Jewish texts. It is believed that all belief systems are correct because they stem from the same universal wisdom. As a result, the Kabbalah is supposed to be a supplement, not a replacement to someone’s original belief system. It is also believed that only 1% of reality is available to our senses, and the rest of reality is not visible to us.

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, many celebrities have expressed a strong interest in Kabbalah. People like Paris Hilton and Sandra Bernhard have involved themselves in it, saying that it is because they find that it takes stress out of their lives. People like Sammy Davis say that they feel right with the belief system, and that they are fascinated with Judaism, to begin with. People like Britney Spears dabble in Kabbalah because they find it to be very enriching to study and think about, but they are not really hardcore about it, at all.

Some people who subscribe to more traditional forms of Judaism, such as Orthodox Judaism, stick their noses up at the Kabbalah Centre. Such people say that it is illegitimate and blasphemous because it breaks many compulsory rules that traditional Judaism sets down.

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Andy Wirth Explains His Opinion on the West Coast Drought

Andrew or Andy Wirth is the current CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Andy Wirth has held this position for the past five years and has since then transformed and merged this ski resort to become bigger and more successful.

To make the nature and feel of this resort more relaxing, Andy Wirth invested in a $70 million renovation that would bring this historical ski resort lodge and land back to present day that would run more efficiently an be more aesthetically pleading to visitors of this resort. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts? and Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

As a result of his hard work and his innovative mind, Andy Wirth has turned the Squaw Valley Ski Resort into one of the top ski resorts to visit in the United States. Andy Wirth is proud to welcome any family members, ski enthusiasts, are individuals who just want to enjoy the view of the beautiful Olympic Valley.

As a prominent and distinguished business owner in the Tahoe Valley, Andy Wirth was welcomed on to the KCRW radio show in order to discuss to current drought that has been a hard hit to the West Coast. As a business owner, Andy Wirth was able to discuss how the drought has affected his company as well as his predictions for the future of ski resorts within the Tahoe Valley.

Though the drought has reduced the annual rainfall by around 25 percent, Andy Wirth responded to the radio hosts that the lack of snowfall in the valley has not affected his annual revenue and has, in fact, encouraged him to make new investments to bring more people in than ever.

This surprisingly optimistic outlook of the below average rainfall was further embellished when Andy Wirth explained how this has given the region a chance to find alternative ways to use water and to increase the amount of conserving within the valley.

As a business owner, Andy Wirth has been able to quickly adapt to the will of Mother Nature. Mr. Wirth has several plans for the future of his resort that will not only lead to the increase of revenue within the business, but will also lead to a future of efficiency and using less water.

Mr. Wirth explained on the radio that the amount of acreage that the Squaw Valley Ski Resort owns is extensive and is around 6,000 acres of snowy lands that can be used by all those who enjoy the sport of skiing.

In addition to his vast lands, Andy Wirth also plans to invest heavily in the snow making industry which will make him and his business no longer reliant on Mother Nature and the allotted snow and rainfall that is produced on an annual basis.

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George Soros Investor and Philanthropist

After extensive absenteeism from the world of stock market trading,self made billionaire George Soros has made a comeback by making some “big bearish investments.”

Soros Fund Management functions with a surplus of $3 billion and has relinquished their stocks and invested in gold and in gold miners, in the midst of a dismal universal economic prospective and the probability of fluctuation and unrest in the stock market.

Gold is presumed to be a safe refuge in times of uncertainty when it comes to the unpredictable and unstable stock market realm.

George Soros is enticed by this opportunity to profit from what he envisions as an imminent economic crisis approaching the country.

He is skeptical about China’s economy, which is experiencing an internal struggle within its political administration, his eminent and specific apprehension over reducing their foreign currency reserves, while other Asian countries have been accruing their foreign currency, also how the mainland’s political arena may restrain and curtail permanent economic reform.

He is also distressed that the mixture of the migration crisis, the Greek predicament and the United Kingdom’s exodus could advance to the European Union’s eventual collapse.

This decisive and alternate move is undoubtedly impressive for George Soros who became famous with his gamble contra the British Pound in 1992, proved ultimately a positive trade decision which navigated to $1billion in acquired lucrative assets for the Soros Fund.

Lately, George Soros the 85 year old billionaire has had his focal point on public policy and philanthropy. He makes vast monetary donations to the super PAC supporting appointed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and also contributes to other Democratic promoted organizations.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

The Greatest Investors: George Soros

George Soros fled from the Communist regime in Budapest, Hungary (his country of birth) in 1947, and emigrated to England, attended London School of Economics where he commenced studying Karl Popper’s The Open Society and its Enemies, which investigates the philosophy of science and a critical self expression of totalitarianism. This intellectual lesson intrigued and assured George Soros that no ideology possesses the truth, and that societies can prosper only when they function blatantly and uphold and preserve individual human rights.

This created a profound impact on George Soros and influenced him for the rest of his life.

After graduation in 1956, he arrived in New York and created his own hedge-fund The Soros Fund. He commenced his philanthropic endeavors in 1979, in 1984 he started the Open Society Foundations which emphasizes and promotes justice and equality for all mankind, education, public health, business creation and development, and independent media.

His benevolence and overwhelming generosity extends to over 60 countries,exceeding $500 million annually in contributions.

He is 22nd wealthiest man on the planet with an estimated capital gross of $20 billion.

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Andy Wirth: From Intern to CEO

Few people have enjoyed such an intimate connection to nature in general and the resort and hotel industry in particular as Andy Wirth. A grandson of a former US National Parks Service Director by the name Conrad, the love for nature flows in his veins. He cut his niche at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation back in 1986 where he became an intern after winding up his college education.

He worked with the company for over 20 years on various marketing positions until he moved to Intrawest, the parent company. When Intrawest acquired Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 2006, he assumed the position of Chief Marketing Officer and sales and marketing vice president. Besides other roles, he worked in support of local businesses as the president of the Mountain Village Partnership. Read more: andy wirth | POWDER Magazine

History He Made At Squaw Valley

When he moved to Squaw Valley ski resort, it was the end of a seven-decade Cushing familys reign after 16 years of Nancy Cushing as the CEO. Immediately, he took charge of the resorts upgrade at a cost of $70 million. Within a year, the presence of Wirth at the helm was felt when the company achieved a position among the top 20 companies in the skiing industry.

In addition, he oversaw the merger of Squaw Valley with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, becoming the CEO of both companies. As a result of the merger, customers can enjoy the services of both companies for a single ticket.


Over the years, Wirth had fallen in love with skydiving. One day in October 2013, something that would forever change his life and the lives of many Navy SEALS men happened.

He was on a course for downwind landing when he accidentally landed in a vineyard. He almost lost his right arm and by extension, his life due to excess bleeding.? Read more: Special Warfare Warrior | Andy Wirth’s Fundraiser

Although he is now on his way to recovery, the accident inspired him to co-find the Wounded Warrior Support in honor of Navy SEALS members returning home from special operation assignments. The organization offers support not only to the Navy SEALS men but also to their families.

Now aged 52, Andy Wirth continues to be an icon in the skiing industry as well as a popular and dedicated philanthropist.

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Dick DeVos Does Not Let His Business Get In The Way Of His Charity Work

Melges 32 Blue Water Series, a three event sailing competition series, and the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup, also a sailing event, both held in Ft Lauderdale, FL on the third of April of this year, concluded with a clear winner: Dick DeVos. He, together with his team, won in both the final event and in the series, winning both the battle and the war, the battle being a small part of the war. Dick DeVos said that he was very honored, and thanked his wonderful team for pulling it all together. He said he has to give credit to whoever raced in this competition, as everyone worked hard.

He also said that he could not wait to sail again this summer in Newport, as he feels that there is no better place to sail than in Newport. Jason Carrolls Argo team fought very hard against Dick DeVos in the eighth race but eventually lost. However, Jason and his team did come in second place.

In case you are wondering who exactly Dick Devos is, here are some details. He is a well-known businessman from Michigan, and Dick DeVos is the son of the founder of Amway and served as its CEO from 1993 until 2002. He is very involved in charity work and philanthropy. He first started working at Amway in 1974, when he was in charge of many aspects of running the business, such as marketing and development. In 1984, he was promoted to become one of Amway’s vice presidents. In 1991, DeVos left Amway for a brief time to become CEO of the NBA team Orlando Magic. He headed it for two years, and then returned to Amway in 1993 to become its CEO. With this, he succeeded his father. Under his management, Amway grew extensively, expanding operations to fifty countries around the globe and six continents.

Dick DeVos has been involved in helping low-income students receive an education. In 1993, he and his wife became co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund, which provides scholarships to low-income students so that they can attend the school where they want to go. He even matched a seven and a half million grant to the Education Freedom Fund, paying it out of his own pocket. He became the co-chair of the Kids First! Yes! committee in 2000, which supported tax credits for elementary age students. He has also contributed to other organizations. Dick DeVos is also known for his contributions to politics in particular.

Securus Technologies Efforts To Improve Inmate Communications

Securus managed to air its view to the United States courts about Federal Communication Commission (FCC) imposing rates on communications between inmates and the families. Certainly this plea has taken two weeks to be approved, and Securus is calling on for other competitions in the industry to agree to hold a meeting with FCC and discuss the rates of inmate phone calls. Imposing communication fees to inmates doesnt feel right considering their situation and the court sees it as a discretionary act. The court according to an associate of Securus saw the good intentions behind Securus while against the intrastate. In addition the firm strategies have been to promote safety for the public, the prisoners and security in correction agencies.

Securus Technologies move was to help in coming up with policies that are balanced to the safety, jurisdictional and the cost of intrastate. It is a great gesture for the federal communication commission agreeing to meet up with Securus amongst other competitors in the industry and identify a solution to the cap rates. This is bearing in mind the welfare of the whole society, families, inmates, correction agencies and the whole safety enhancement industry. Securus believes that once they come together with FCC they can have the platform to develop public policy that is right and respective to inmates right to communications. Failure to would mean that inmates would incur costs and fees which in this case are insecure for all the victims and the whole society.

Over time, Securus Technologies major intention is to connect what matters; communication has been the riding drive at Securus especially with inmates to their families. Securus has advanced communications strategies like the inmates phone system and video visitation application an app meant for communication. This has strategically promoted safety in the society and security for all inmates. Inmate communication monitoring has enhanced the security in prisons especially now that there is no face to face visits, makes it safe for all the incarcerated. Securus is the leading provider of criminal justice, advanced technological solutions in promoting public safety and communication.

The Dallas Texas-based firm also has advanced solutions to safeguard important information, investigation, correcting and monitoring of products and services. Securus advanced technologies are with its tea of software developers, engineers, and patents and also the sales persons have assisted the firm in promoting global safety. The firm has over 30 years experience in the field and has greatly reduced the workload of over 3450 correction agencies in addition to enhancing more safety.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the Securus Amazon product for health nor is it a part of the site, Securus America.

Wen by Chaz Snags Another Happy Customer

WEN hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner has earned quite the reputation for itself as a transformative hair care product, which consistently receives glowing reviews from its users. Please glowing reviews and famous infomercials on Sephora for the cleansing conditioner are part of the reason that an editor for Bustle decided to use a cleansing conditioner as part of an experiment for seven days on her own hair. Part out of desperation to finally find a solution to her fine hair, and also out of pure curiosity, the editor used the cleansing conditioner for one entire week and documented her results for her readers in an article. Her final review about Wen hair on guthy-renker was overwhelmingly positive for the cleansing conditioner, and she recommends to her readers that they try the cleansing conditioner, if they are seeking to add volume and bounds to their normal hair.

Wen by Chaz is completely innovative in the sense that the same formula for the lot cleansing conditioner can transform all different types of women’s hair. Users of this Wen hair seem to love it not only for the convenience it offers in simplifying their hair care routine, but they also rave that their hair gets healthier and looks better after each use of the cleansing conditioner. One of the many benefits of using this product is that the more times it is consistently used, the better the results on your hair get. The cleansing conditioner Of WEN hair can be used on a daily basis as part of a normal hair care routine, but the manufacturer recommends that it be applied more generously to the ends of the hair rather then to the roots or scalp. This helps to lock in moisture and hydrate the ends of the hair, which repairs any split ends and makes the hair appear instantly healthier at the same time.

The Best Meal in the House Might Be Heading Right to the Dog’s Bowl

A delicious mix of turkey and chicken might sound like the making of a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. It’s hard to imagine not wanting to take a quick bite if one smelled that being prepared in the kitchen. But the Daily Herald offered up a report of one instance where taking a bite might come as a real surprise to a lot of people. It all took place as a reporter investigated a seemingly new culinary trend. When he was given a tour of a particular facility, his hosts took a quick bite of their Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe as it came off the line. Normally this wouldn’t be very surprising. But it’s an understandable shock when the tour is happening in a dog food factory. But the reason why it was so tempting had to do with the nature of the story. It was all about dog food that’s made with such high quality ingredients that it’s on par or even superior to most meals targeting humans.

However, what’s even more surprising is the fact that these high quality meals aren’t necessarily a new phenomenon. it’s true that they’ve only recently caught on with dog manufacturing companies. But there’s been a few high quality dog food brands such as Beneful which have been at it for over a decade. It’s easy to see why Beneful was one of the first companies to set the trend though. Beneful’s whole mission statement is about making dog food which can deliver the full range of nutritional benefits to a dog. And the path to doing so will almost always be found through using the highest quality ingredients.

As most chefs can attest, using high quality ingredients to provide nutritional benefits will also tend to create high class tastes. That’s one of the big reasons why Beneful can almost always be found in the top five lists for any review of different dog food brands. It’s also notable for the fact that the quality of the ingredients is so self apparent. All one needs to do is open up a bag of the dog food to see how fresh the ingredients are. Every bag is quite plainly filled with chunks of delicious meats and vegetables.




The Extensive Art of Creating A Wikipedia Business Page

Wikipedia remains an excellent source of information on a massive array of topics. The online encyclopedia is a solid resource for anyone surfing online looking for information about anything. A tremendous business opportunity exists for those looking for effective promotions. An entry in Wikipedia has fantastic potential for branding a business or an individual. Shaping or reshaping opinion is quite possible through the publication of a solid Wiki page.

No, not every person seeking to publish a page on Wiki is motivated by a single-minded desire to inform the public. Often, pages are designed for promotional purposes. In essence, Wikipedia acts as a vehicle for shaping opinions about people and businesses.

Interestingly, contributors to Wikipedia is working hard to shape opinions about the writers and editors on the site. Gender equality?had been an issue some raised about the Wikipedia writers and editors. A number of female editors are running an edit-a-thon at Wikipedia to increase the number of women contributors improve perceptions on the subject of gender equality. Call the whole endeavors a self-motivated, third-party public relations campaign.

Ironically, marketing, and advertising are things explicitly banned by Wikipedia. Actually, explicitly obvious marketing and advertising content is barred by Wikipedia’s rules. No business can publish an entry about itself with a “call to action” to buy from the company at the end of the page. Nor can a paragraph be written about current sales, deals, and special offers. A business is limited to writing biographical and factual information about itself. In all honesty, this limitation is not a limitation at all. If you make a Wikipedia page it could yield excellent promotional benefits.

The presence of the page in the search engines helps inform the public about the company. While not a blatant press release, a Wikipedia page ends up serving numerous similar purposes. The public is directly informed thanks to the presence of the page. People are going to gravitate towards those businesses they know more about than ones they are unfamiliar with. The presence of the Wikipedia page helps with such a cause.

Lines cannot be crossed when crafting a Wikipedia page. Tales of Wikipedia’s editors revising or removing content are not myths. Those pages that directly violate the terms and conditions of the site are targeted.

That’s why it’s best to employ a Wikipedia writing service that specializes in hiring the best in the business. Hiring Wiki writers from Get Your Wiki ensures that your page will be posted, remain positive with their team of editors, and stay on Wikipedia for as long as you want it to stay there. Get a free quote for your page today within 24 hours of your request by filling out the information required in this link >> http://www.getyourwiki.com/