The Extensive Art of Creating A Wikipedia Business Page

Wikipedia remains an excellent source of information on a massive array of topics. The online encyclopedia is a solid resource for anyone surfing online looking for information about anything. A tremendous business opportunity exists for those looking for effective promotions. An entry in Wikipedia has fantastic potential for branding a business or an individual. Shaping or reshaping opinion is quite possible through the publication of a solid Wiki page.

No, not every person seeking to publish a page on Wiki is motivated by a single-minded desire to inform the public. Often, pages are designed for promotional purposes. In essence, Wikipedia acts as a vehicle for shaping opinions about people and businesses.

Interestingly, contributors to Wikipedia is working hard to shape opinions about the writers and editors on the site. Gender equality?had been an issue some raised about the Wikipedia writers and editors. A number of female editors are running an edit-a-thon at Wikipedia to increase the number of women contributors improve perceptions on the subject of gender equality. Call the whole endeavors a self-motivated, third-party public relations campaign.

Ironically, marketing, and advertising are things explicitly banned by Wikipedia. Actually, explicitly obvious marketing and advertising content is barred by Wikipedia’s rules. No business can publish an entry about itself with a “call to action” to buy from the company at the end of the page. Nor can a paragraph be written about current sales, deals, and special offers. A business is limited to writing biographical and factual information about itself. In all honesty, this limitation is not a limitation at all. If you make a Wikipedia page it could yield excellent promotional benefits.

The presence of the page in the search engines helps inform the public about the company. While not a blatant press release, a Wikipedia page ends up serving numerous similar purposes. The public is directly informed thanks to the presence of the page. People are going to gravitate towards those businesses they know more about than ones they are unfamiliar with. The presence of the Wikipedia page helps with such a cause.

Lines cannot be crossed when crafting a Wikipedia page. Tales of Wikipedia’s editors revising or removing content are not myths. Those pages that directly violate the terms and conditions of the site are targeted.

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