The Best Meal in the House Might Be Heading Right to the Dog’s Bowl

A delicious mix of turkey and chicken might sound like the making of a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. It’s hard to imagine not wanting to take a quick bite if one smelled that being prepared in the kitchen. But the Daily Herald offered up a report of one instance where taking a bite might come as a real surprise to a lot of people. It all took place as a reporter investigated a seemingly new culinary trend. When he was given a tour of a particular facility, his hosts took a quick bite of their Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe as it came off the line. Normally this wouldn’t be very surprising. But it’s an understandable shock when the tour is happening in a dog food factory. But the reason why it was so tempting had to do with the nature of the story. It was all about dog food that’s made with such high quality ingredients that it’s on par or even superior to most meals targeting humans.

However, what’s even more surprising is the fact that these high quality meals aren’t necessarily a new phenomenon. it’s true that they’ve only recently caught on with dog manufacturing companies. But there’s been a few high quality dog food brands such as Beneful which have been at it for over a decade. It’s easy to see why Beneful was one of the first companies to set the trend though. Beneful’s whole mission statement is about making dog food which can deliver the full range of nutritional benefits to a dog. And the path to doing so will almost always be found through using the highest quality ingredients.

As most chefs can attest, using high quality ingredients to provide nutritional benefits will also tend to create high class tastes. That’s one of the big reasons why Beneful can almost always be found in the top five lists for any review of different dog food brands. It’s also notable for the fact that the quality of the ingredients is so self apparent. All one needs to do is open up a bag of the dog food to see how fresh the ingredients are. Every bag is quite plainly filled with chunks of delicious meats and vegetables.