Beneful the Beautiful Blend of Healthy Ingredients for Choosy Canines

Purina is one of the most respected pet food brands and the company is committed to creating nutritious, healthy products for your favorite fur buddy. With an eye for detail and careful consideration of canine nutritional needs Purina now offers a complete line of Beneful dog food products. In addition to moist and dry dog foods the Beneful product line also includes a variety of canine treats.

A team of animal experts spent long years researching the specific nutritional needs of dogs during every stage of the life-cycle. After exhaustive studies and intensive review of the collected data the original Beneful formula was introduced to the world. This patented formula includes a combination of high-quality protein derived from chicken, salmon, beef and eggs. Supplements of veggies, essential nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants boost the amount of healthy nutrition in each serving of Beneful on

It is not enough just to add extra nutrients to a bag of dog food. Purina understands that pet food must also be flavorful and interesting. This is one of the reasons that Beneful features a variety of appealing colors, textures and tempting food scents. These characteristics make the food products irresistible to dogs of all ages.

Over time the Beneful line was expanded to include unique formulas that addressed the needs of young puppies, active dogs, obese canines and dogs that were entering their senior years. Each of these life-stages presents nutritional challenges that require special combinations of healthy ingredients.

With each serving of Beneful a dog is receiving the comprehensive nutrition necessary to remain active and healthy. Simply match your dog’s age and life-style with the Beneful formula that is designed to supply 100% of the nutrients necessary for optimal health and development.

In addition to the original Beneful products pet owners can select dog foods and treats that have been designed specifically for selected groups of canines. One such choice is the “small dog” food formula that provides complete nutrition in tiny morsels that are easy for little dogs to chew.

If a dog has packed on some excess pounds due to inactivity and over-eating there is a healthy-weight formula created by the Beneful experts. This dog food offers maximum nutrition with fewer calories per serving.

There is a calcium enriched Beneful dog food that has been created for young puppies. This formula even includes a DHA supplement to promote brain, eye and circulatory development.

Senior dogs also have their own Beneful formula. Inlcuded among the ingredients are vitamins and supplements that target the health needs of older canines.

Pet owners will discover that Beneful products are available in a range of sizes. Choose your dog’s favorite selections today. Beneful is available in cans, packaged dinners, refrigerated dog food or convenient bags of dry dog food.