Iman Shumpert Locks into Cleveland Return.

There was a time in the NBA that Iman Shumpert and Jimmy Butler were both thought of as elite wing defenders with similar ceilings above them. Nobody thought that Butler would ever grow into a legitimate super star, but neither did anyone think that Iman Shumpert would fade in talent with injuries. To be fair, Shump couldn’t exactly control when or how he got hurt, he could only control how he bounced back. After languishing in New York, Iman and JR Smith were dealt to Cleveland and both saw their careers revitalize. Fans like Sam Tabar have learned that now Shumpert wants to return the favor and come back to Cleveland.

According to the rumor mill Iman Shumpert has designs on returning to Cleveland and taking another go around with LeBron James and the rest of the Cavs. In an Instagram post Shumpert captioned a photo, “Be back soon, Cleveland” and that appears to be on the horizon. A deal is in place between Cavs management and Shumpert on a four year extension worth around $40 million bucks. Seems like a lot of money for who has essentially been a career role player, no?

In Cleveland we watched Shumpert grow into one of the more unique players on the Cavs squad. He played elite defense, routinely taking the best guy on the court and allowing ‘Bron to rest, while adding in important three point shooting. His hustle on the court also gave the Cavs revitalized energy when they needed it. We believe it to be a great signing.

Draymond Green Talks Free Agency

An all-day NBA championship celebration was thrown for Draymond Green in Saginaw Michigan last Saturday and well of course there were many questions thrown at Green. The most asked question was whether or not he would sign with his hometown team the Detroit Pistons. Green and the Golden State Warriors recently won the NBA championship against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers stated Christian Broda. Green, however, is now a restricted free agent and is being courted by several teams. Among the teams interested in his are The Detroit Pistons, the Atlanta Hawks, The Golden State Warriors, and Huston Rockets.

Green grew up in Saginaw Michigan and played basketball for the Michigan State Spartans. He played all four years at State and was drafted 35th overall to the Golden State Warriors. He was selected to the first all-NBA defensive team in 2015. When asked by Yahoo sports about which team he is likely to sign with Green replied with a comment that was very impressive. He stated that he is not going into free agency with any expectations and that he speak with all teams that are interested and make the most logical choice based on whats best for him. Over the course if his three years in the league Green has earned over $2.6 million. He is expected to make over six times that in free agency. When asked if he feels any pressure to sign with the Pistons, Green stated that he did not.