FreedomPop, A New Wave of Reasonable Cell Phone Prices

How would you like to have a Motorola E smartphone for nearly 75% off. Many shoppers across the country are saying thats an unbeatable deal. How about a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone for a little more than 50% off. With many families living from paycheck to paycheck, its not that easy to save up $350 for some households. No matter what your economical status FreedomPop understands that individuals should be able to stay in touch with their loved ones. These particular phones offered will not only keep one in touch with their family and friends but can also save photos, surf the web and much more. The devices are refurbished phones that has access to Sprints network.

30 Days of Free Usage

Ever bought a cell phone in the mall or ordered one online? Afterwards you wonder about the calling plan, its cost and options. Well with FreedomPop they understand, choices and decisions have to be made. In fact, theyre giving their customers one whole month to think about it, before they have to invest. With an entire month of free voice calling and text messaging. But thats just the beginning! For no extra charge the buyer will receive 1 gigabyte of cellular data.

Funding, Investors and Global Expansion

The FreedomPop project is expanding quicker than expected. To be part of the success Intel Capital and the Axiata Group have joined in on the action. While Intel Capital has funded the project, Axiata has invested and plans to use its technology and business models. Axiata is a telecom operator that has good popularity throughout Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and other places throughout the world. FreedomPop plans to use Axiatas operational capabilities and expertise to make sure of the best customer experience, equipment circulation and development.

The way business is going FreedomPop is now considered to have a commercial partnership. CEO Stephen Stokois has decided it would be more than sensible not to sale at this moment. Especially with Partech Ventures and other investors such as DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital deciding to fund over 30 million into the company. Heading into the future globally and at such a rapid pace FreedomPop is sure to a success.