George Soros achievement in promoting equality and democracy

Sometimes times society may face a lot of challenges. To stop the difficulties faced by the members of the community a lot of devotion is needed. Some people will just stay and watch their friends suffer. Waiting to see bad things happen was one of George Soros dislikes.

George would try his best to ensure justice achievement, and there is no party which gets mistreatment. In general, George Soros was the voice of weak, and he liked participating in charity work. George has funded many organizations and individuals enabling them to prosper in their work.

George Soros family background gave him a lot of motivation in fighting for the rights of human beings. George was born in Hungary in the year 1930. He was among the residents of Nazi occupation of 1944-45 which was affected by the murder of 50000 Hungarian Jews.

George’s family survived by using false documents which separated them from the other Jews. They also assisted their neighbors and friends to escape from catastrophe.

Soros being frustrated by that brutality act of killing people, he saw it as a good idea to unite and mobilize people so that they can join and stand firm.

He understood that being together can give the weak strength of resisting brutality from the people in power or the rich. George Soros grew up longing to see democracy being exercised. He was always against racial discrimination, mistreating the poor and also a dictatorship government.

Due to insecurity in Hungary, Soros left his home in Budapest in 1947 and went to London. He had to work hard to achieve his dreams. Being a student at London School of Economics, Soros had to find money to support his studies. He worked as part-time as a railway porter and in a nightclub. In 1956 Soros emigrated to united states where he hoped to start venturing into business. He managed to launch a hedge fund in 1970 and emerged be one of the lucky investors in the United States.

George Soros decided to use his fortune to benefit disadvantaged people in life. He created the Open Society Foundation to assist partners and people interested in projects. The foundation covered more than a hundred countries. The name of the organization reflected Soros thinking which advocated for democracy ruling, transparency and respect for other people opinions.

George Soros assisted in promoting the open exchange of ideas. When the cold war was over Soros expanded his philanthropy work to united states, Africa, and Asia. His main aim was to create accountable, transparency, and democratic societies. Soros has been one of the most important positive influences in the American European societies. He has done this by giving generously.

Soros was in the forefront fighting against drug use. He assisted at the start of America’s medical marijuana movement. Soros supported lawyers who represented individuals who were held unlawfully by the court. Also, he did not keep quiet and see workers being mistreated. He significantly fought for them and even fought for people who were sexually mistreated. and Follow him

George Soros Investor and Philanthropist

After extensive absenteeism from the world of stock market trading,self made billionaire George Soros has made a comeback by making some “big bearish investments.”

Soros Fund Management functions with a surplus of $3 billion and has relinquished their stocks and invested in gold and in gold miners, in the midst of a dismal universal economic prospective and the probability of fluctuation and unrest in the stock market.

Gold is presumed to be a safe refuge in times of uncertainty when it comes to the unpredictable and unstable stock market realm.

George Soros is enticed by this opportunity to profit from what he envisions as an imminent economic crisis approaching the country.

He is skeptical about China’s economy, which is experiencing an internal struggle within its political administration, his eminent and specific apprehension over reducing their foreign currency reserves, while other Asian countries have been accruing their foreign currency, also how the mainland’s political arena may restrain and curtail permanent economic reform.

He is also distressed that the mixture of the migration crisis, the Greek predicament and the United Kingdom’s exodus could advance to the European Union’s eventual collapse.

This decisive and alternate move is undoubtedly impressive for George Soros who became famous with his gamble contra the British Pound in 1992, proved ultimately a positive trade decision which navigated to $1billion in acquired lucrative assets for the Soros Fund.

Lately, George Soros the 85 year old billionaire has had his focal point on public policy and philanthropy. He makes vast monetary donations to the super PAC supporting appointed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and also contributes to other Democratic promoted organizations.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

George Soros fled from the Communist regime in Budapest, Hungary (his country of birth) in 1947, and emigrated to England, attended London School of Economics where he commenced studying Karl Popper’s The Open Society and its Enemies, which investigates the philosophy of science and a critical self expression of totalitarianism. This intellectual lesson intrigued and assured George Soros that no ideology possesses the truth, and that societies can prosper only when they function blatantly and uphold and preserve individual human rights.

This created a profound impact on George Soros and influenced him for the rest of his life.

After graduation in 1956, he arrived in New York and created his own hedge-fund The Soros Fund. He commenced his philanthropic endeavors in 1979, in 1984 he started the Open Society Foundations which emphasizes and promotes justice and equality for all mankind, education, public health, business creation and development, and independent media.

His benevolence and overwhelming generosity extends to over 60 countries,exceeding $500 million annually in contributions.

He is 22nd wealthiest man on the planet with an estimated capital gross of $20 billion.

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