Why More Business Owners are Using Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has worked with millions of people internationally to better run their businesses. The main purpose and goals behind Madison Street Capital is to provide financial assistance and management tools to those who are in need of it. Because of its recent mention in the Chicago Tribune because of its CEO being recognized as a top entrepreneur, many people are now interested in what Madison Street Capital is all about and what types of services they can offer to the average business owner.

First and foremost, Madison Street Capital works with businesses to get their finances better on track. If you have investments that you would like to make, you will find that the professionals of Madison Street Capital will advise you on which investments to go for and which ones you should avoid. Other than investments, Madison Street Capital can also work with your finances and provide knowledge and advice on how to better manage money. Whether you are a business owner or an individual who is looking for help, Madison Street Capital can be there to assist you in all matters.

You will find that Madison Street Capital has worked with so many people that they are able to provide these skills on an individualized basis. This means that you will not be given a normal plan that they have used on thousands of others because they will instead work with you and your specific financial goals. Once this has been established, it will be simple for you to get ahead of the game because all of your investments and finances are put into place. The Madison Street Capital professionals have worked diligently to grow their business into what it is today.

Madison Street Capital has helped so many business owners and individuals alike. Because of its potential to help you as well, you might want to contact the experts and find out more about the services being offered. You will be glad that you utilized the expertise of the professionals when they are able to get your finances in check and help with important investment decisions. You should never have to deal with these issues on your own when there is a company like Madison Street Capital out there to help. You will want to find out more about Madison Street Capital and its internationally-based offices by visiting their Facebook.

Technology Guru Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a successful businessman who has made valuable contributions in both Verizon and Barclays throughout his career. Kheradpir was born in London but spent most of his early childhood in Iran before attending high school in Switzerland. He then furthered his education in the United States where he attended Cornell University and earned his bachelors, masters and doctorate in electrical engineering. Since that point he has lead a very distinguished career across multiple organizations.

His first professional job was through GTE laboratories where he had multiple responsibilities; Kheradpir was focused mainly on network routing, management and control. He quickly became chief information officer and was well known for adhering to a strict schedule with his new products and developments.

In the year 2000 Verizon communications was formed through the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic, Kheradpir was named Verizons e-business division before being move to CIO/CTO. He was at the forefront of Verizon’s diversification into the telecommunication services. His first major change within the organization was his implementation of a 30-day prototype schedule. Kheradpir formed small teams that had a 30 day period to come up with, test and develop new product ideas. It was these teams that contributed with Verizon FiOD Fiber Optic Video. A second notable contribution from this creation of small teams and first turn around times was the iobi, which manages and organized address books, caller ID and other features. Soon after this Verizon One was developed, this fascinating product was a combination phone, router, modem and portable device. What made all of this all the more impressive was that Kheradpir managed to decrease the technology budget by 6% of total revenue to 4%. He was well known for being an extremely tough negotiator and outsourced positions to lower cost India.

After his successful stint at Verizon he took on the position of Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank at Barclays. During his time at Barclays he made varying contributions to different products, such as the Pingit mobile payments software. The respect given to Kheradpir was evident after he was promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer, representing the first time a technology executive sat on the executive team.

Kheradpir has held many different portions throughout his career and has excelled at nearly all of them. He has been at the forefront of many new developments and practices within some of the biggest organizations in the world and will continue to be into the future.

Three Reasons Why It Just Make Sense To Hire A Cleaner

Let’s face it no one likes to clean house, but it is a task that has to be done. Many people often put off cleaning simply because they are too tired or don’t have the time to tackle the job. When this happens too often the dirt and grim builds up making the task of cleaning even more difficult. Luckily, there is help for those who lack the time to clean. Hiring someone from Handy on facebook to come into your home and clean it simply makes great sense. The homeowner gets a clean home and the cleaner makes some money. This is a win-win situation for everyone. But for those of you who are not convinced that hiring someone to clean your home is a good idea, today we are going to look at great reasons why you should.

Three Reason Why Hiring A Home Cleaner Makes Sense

1. It gives you more time- If you are a busy person, cleaning your home makes you even more busy. By hiring someone to clean the home you can free up that time and actually get to relax for a change.

2. Your home will always be clean- By hiring someone to clean your home it will always look amazing. This is great because you will never have to worry about cleaning up for those unexpected guests that pop up at the worst moments.

3. Your home will be cleaner than ever- Most people know how to clean but many people don’t know how to deep clean. By hiring a professional house cleaner you can rest assure that your home will be the cleanest possible.

A Great Place To Find A Cleaner

While you can choose to go with a traditional house cleaning agency that often charge high fees there is a new way to find someone to clean the home. An amazing new app called Handy is the perfect way to find a professional house cleaner for a fraction of the price. Handy is simple to use and will quickly connect you with a qualified home cleaner. With a few clicks of your mobile device the app will match you with a cleaner that meets your needs.

One of best things about this service is that it utilizes freelancers. This helps to reduce the cost of service and the customer can get the help they need for a fraction of the price of an agency. Handy app also makes sure that the people they refer are professional. A rigorous background check is performed on each person who signs up to become a freelance member of the company, which makes using this app safe and secure. So if you are in need of a serious house cleaning and you are looking for a safe way to do so, then you should check out this amazing new app.

Home Cleaning Services Help Eliminate Germs

Life is sometimes extremely busy and that is a good thing. Professionals with a lot of work to do often find their time directed towards very serious pursuits. They might find their careers taking off and their income increasing. Certainly, those are not bad benefits to have. A trade off might emerge here and not necessarily a real positive one. Due to being busy all the time, caring for the home becomes seemingly unimportant.

Homeowners (and renters) should never ignore the necessity of keeping a home clean. Anyone who doesn’t have the time to handle such tasks is advised to think about home cleaning services. Not doing so could create a really bad situation in the home that could put the occupants health at risk.

Allowing garbage to pile up in the home and ignoring a dirty, sticky floor in the kitchen are not good ideas. A home can become a major breeding ground for germs and other bacteria. Risks of staph infection increase immensely when the interior of a home is not properly cleaned and sanitized. Not everyone might worry much about a home becoming a little messy or unkempt. The notion that “one of these days, we’ll get the home cleaned up” provides an excuse for not taking care of a really messy interior.

Placing those living in the home to a risk of a staph infection would be an enormously bad plan. As such, being serious about calling a home cleaning service to straighten the place up and, more importantly, disinfect all germs and bacteria makes the interior safe to occupy.

This is not a job left for amateurs, either. Calling Handy would be the better step to take. Handy is growing incredibly popular in the world of home cleaning services. How popular has the company become? The numbers tell the tale. Over $1 million in cleaning bookings are performed per week.

Through Handy, it becomes possible to hire professional cleaners who make a great wage and know exactly what is necessary to properly clean out an interior. Dirt, dust, and grime all get scrubbed away and various rooms once again appear brand new.

Carpets can be vacuumed to the point they look as if the fibers are brand new and have never been walked upon before. Most importantly, bacteria in the kitchen and bathroom end up being totally disinfected.

When cleaning a home, professional cleaning crews do not use the common detergents and cleaning solutions purchased in a store. Usually, the products are more industrial grade in strength. As a result, the products are able to more reliably kill off germs.

The products alone are not what kill germs. The experience and abilities of the cleaning crew ensures the most efficient job is performed. “Missing a spot” could lead to germs remaining in the home. A professional who can do a proper job won’t miss spots.

Homeowners who do not invest the time to regularly clean a home are advised to turn the job over to someone who can. This makes the home more livable and germ free.

Improving Wikipedia for New Editors

Wikipedia is a large and varied encyclopedia that has revolutionized the way that online information is gathered and compiled. With millions of pages of data constantly being updated in real time, it is the single most collaborative source of information in the internet. This giant database needs a large volunteer force of editors to maintain the integrity, both intellectually and grammatically, of the entire website. Many volunteers do this as a way to give back to Wikipedia, having used the website for study. Others contribute to Wikipedia because they like compiling information. No matter what reason an editor joins in on the work, they need to follow a slew of simple guidelines. Before to try to create a Wiki page, GetYourWiki has provided some easy steps to make it more doable.

Study the Manual of Style.
Wikipedia needs to be one large and coherent source of information, as such Wikipedia wants to instill standards of practice for both the grammar/spelling and voice of the information that it contains. Keeping up with the rigorous standards allows Wikipedia to be cohesive. New editors should refer to the Manual of Style before attempting to edit anything on their own. They will find the different techniques that Wikipedia wants its editors to use.

Avoid personal opinions and bias.
Wikipedia is as enduring as it is because it removes the authors voice from the content and information. A page on Wikipedia cannot flourish if too many unique individual voices are trying to push the data into their own pigeonholed opinions. This means that new editors must learn to be objective about data and leave any emotional or biased thoughts out of their work. If an editor cannot maintain that professional distance then they are better off allowing another volunteer to work on the page.

Write for the audience.
Wikipedia has almost anything one can imagine and that information changes dramatically based on how advanced it is. Writing for the audience is key to succeeding in Wikipedia. For generalized topics, such as guitars, write with a clear and simplified voice. For advanced topics, such as music theory, feel free to talk more in depth about the different aspects of the page while using the appropriate wording.

Follow notability guidelines.
Though Wikipedia seems endless it is in fact limited to items of notability. If an editor is on the fence as to whether or not to create a page they should reference the notability guidelines to see if it meets the standards therein.