Great Health Care from Nobilis Health

Nobilis Health, previously known as North Star Healthcare and Athas Health, is a health care company that provides ambulatory and acute care for patients. This company is a healthcare and management company that strives to provide low cost facilities for out patient situations. Nobilis Health deals with non to minimally invasive procedures. With seven surgical sites in the Scottsdale, Houston, and Dallas area and also centers in Arizona, Tennessee, New Jersey, Oregon, Michigan, and Minnesota this company is broadening its horizons and making a huge impact of public health care.

Nobilis Health buys and improves health care facilities and has so far been able to reduce debt and increase patient satisfaction and maintain lower medical costs to its patients. With the experience and knowledge that comes with being a management team, this enables Nobilis to collaborate and improve the quality of health care in all the facilities it owns. With physicians on being major stock holders and with the running of large health care centers being run for the physicians, this allows the physicians to focus of providing great service and health care to patients without the worry of the corporate section taking time out of their busy schedules to focus on management.

With health care being one of the largest industries in our society today, it is very important that health care providers help not alienate patients. The cost of health care is an extra burden to family budgets as is, but with Nobilis Health on making health care more affordable and more pleasant, health care could once again be seen in a positive way not negative.