Finding some greenery of your own in New York City

New York City has made a lot of improvements in recent years. It is cleaner, has less crime, and is greener than it has been in awhile. This perhaps is leading people to seek their own private outdoor space, which can be a tall order here. A recent New York Times article however, managed to find several such places for under $500,000. Going by New York prices in finding NYC apartments for sale, that is not the higher end of the real estate market at all.

For a yard you might have to go to Staten Island, the article says, because many houses there have them. Finding even some outdoor space, let alone a yard, can be pretty hard in places like Queens, Brooklyn and other areas of of New York.

The article noted there were 156 condos or apartments in Manhattan listed with green space, but it did not say whether it would be private space.

In order to find a place with some green space, at under $500,000, it takes time and patience. It also takes a lot of looking as what is listed may or may not fit your needs.

You could do all the work yourself, or you could go to a real estate agency who specializes in this type of housing. Town Residential is one such real estate company, that specializes is urban living arrangements. They can sift through all the listings and find just the place you want that is hopefully within your budget.

But the New York Times article writer did find some nice places, and wrote about at least one in all the major neighborhoods of the city. It found a place in Brooklyn that was pretty small, but it had a nice little park outside, which was yours if you managed to get on the bottom floor.

In Manhattan there are penthouses with wrap around terraces that are selling at below $500,000. It is outdoors and you can put plants there, even if you are on the 50th floor. In Harlem there are not many places available with private outdoor areas, but many of the older brick buildings have private balconies where you can create an outdoor oasis.

In Queens it also hard to find such an arrangement, but the Times writer managed to find one. They found a small apartment with a small yard that was separated by an alley, but still, it was a private outdoor area.