Alternative Investing with Solo Capital


The field of sports investing is highly specialized, and when you need advice you may want to look at Solo Capital. At Solo Capital they can help you target appropriate talent, and help you develop sound and safe investment decisions concerning the acquisition. Solo has an experienced team of sports investment consultants with a track record that is global in leadership. The services provided by Solo are tailored to fit each investors needs, and whether you are looking to acquire talent or asset and performance management, Solo has the staff to help you through the difficult decisions.

They offer strategies and advice on low risk high investment returns specializing in alternative investment opportunities. Known for their transparent reporting, Solo’s plans give the client a way to keep up with their investments, and with their superb customer service, they are always there to answer your questions and offer you the critical support you need. Along with their sports specialty, Solo Capital is known for its expertise in proprietary trading and investment.

The specialized team of proprietary advisers offer the client an edge to earn excess returns through index funds and exchange funds. Index funds and exchange funds are competitive alternatives to mutual funds and the securities market. Solo Capital will help you develop a portfolio that exceeds the S&P 500 including the index funds which match and exceed mutual fund performance. Index funds offer a broad exposure with lower costs and without portfolio turnover. It’s this method that brings in the excess returns, and they are often lower in risk than mainstream mutual funds.

According to DueDil, the bond and commodities market is matched and exceeded by Solo Capital’s strategy on Exchange traded funds (ETF). These funds track the mainstream bonds and commodity markets, and not only match them but surpasses them in performance. This type of investment strategy by Solo Capital is a means for individual investors no matter what their size to earn better returns with lower risk. Solo Capital has your investment interests at heart, and the experience to back it up.

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Why More Business Owners are Using Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has worked with millions of people internationally to better run their businesses. The main purpose and goals behind Madison Street Capital is to provide financial assistance and management tools to those who are in need of it. Because of its recent mention in the Chicago Tribune because of its CEO being recognized as a top entrepreneur, many people are now interested in what Madison Street Capital is all about and what types of services they can offer to the average business owner.

First and foremost, Madison Street Capital works with businesses to get their finances better on track. If you have investments that you would like to make, you will find that the professionals of Madison Street Capital will advise you on which investments to go for and which ones you should avoid. Other than investments, Madison Street Capital can also work with your finances and provide knowledge and advice on how to better manage money. Whether you are a business owner or an individual who is looking for help, Madison Street Capital can be there to assist you in all matters.

You will find that Madison Street Capital has worked with so many people that they are able to provide these skills on an individualized basis. This means that you will not be given a normal plan that they have used on thousands of others because they will instead work with you and your specific financial goals. Once this has been established, it will be simple for you to get ahead of the game because all of your investments and finances are put into place. The Madison Street Capital professionals have worked diligently to grow their business into what it is today.

Madison Street Capital has helped so many business owners and individuals alike. Because of its potential to help you as well, you might want to contact the experts and find out more about the services being offered. You will be glad that you utilized the expertise of the professionals when they are able to get your finances in check and help with important investment decisions. You should never have to deal with these issues on your own when there is a company like Madison Street Capital out there to help. You will want to find out more about Madison Street Capital and its internationally-based offices by visiting their Facebook.

Billionaire Philanthropist

Kenneth Griffin is one of the highest skilled hedge fund managers in the world due to his knack for creating revenue for his clients And his skill is unsurpassed. With such a heavy emphasis on education and market research, Ken Griffin has made himself and his clients billions and billions of dollars. Being a billionaire himself and having billions of his own dollars invested in the Citadel hedge fund, he is not someone who takes the act of managing your money lightly, for he would not have achieved his reputation of being one of the worlds best hedge fund managers if he was not one to deliver on his promises and bring his clients a very substantial profit very quickly.

He started his career in the dorm rooms of Harvard University. Ken Griffin asked his parents and friends for money to put into a fund for him to manage and grow in the stock market. They quickly obliged and provided him with over $200,000 in capital for him to play the stocks. He invested their money so well that, not only was his family extremely happy with their return but hedge fund managers and founders also paid him a great amount of attention.

One in particular is Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. He gave Kenneth Griffin $1 million to invest any way that he saw fit. Griffin very quickly turned that $1 million into 1.7 million in under a year. Being that he is such a smart and aggressive hedge fund manager, he earned the respect of Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC as they would soon do business again.

As a seasoned investor and passionate, remarkable leader, he decided that it was best if he start his own company. This is when he created Citadel. The company known only as Citadel is a hedge fund that initially started out with $4.6 million, but quickly grew to over $1 billion in managed funds. The quick rise of success that he attained is not accidental. His skill, determination and hard work in the field of managing hedge funds was finally paying off.

In 2012, he was named Forbes Magazines most successful hedge fund manager because he earned over $3 billion in one year. His status in the hedge fund community grew as thousands of millionaire investors rushed to invest their money in the Citadel fund.

While it is no secret that Ken Griffin is a seasoned investor capable of making millions of dollars for his clients, what is less known is his incredible philanthropy work and his passion for the arts. He invested $200 million into an endowment fund for student scholarships at Harvard University. He also invested thousands and thousands of hours in time to several boards of art enabling foundations. He is a board member for the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

He also has acquired quite a selection of art from around the world created by very popular to unknown artists. In addition to paintings from Picasso, he has also purchased paintings from Paul Czanne and Jasper Johns.

His philanthropic efforts include multimillion dollar contributions to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Museum of Contemporary Art and the University of Chicago.

The Long and Successful Line of CCMP

The investment firm CCMP Capital is only the most recent incarnation of a long line of mergers and company evolutions. The first of this line was in the first few years of the 1980s when Chemical Bank formed Chemical Venture Partners. This was only the beginning of several decades of company name changes and/or transitions. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was founded in 2006 as a means to realize an investment strategy by J.P. Morgan Partners, Chemical Venture Partners, Manufacturers Hanover, and Chase Capital Partners. This strategy was to specialize in buying out and taking over the operations of successful companies. With some alterations, this has remained CCMPs strategy. The strategy has blossomed and continues to grow in success. Since its founding, CCMP has invested in many different companies and has acquired the accompanying expertise in that area.

CCMP was headed by CEO Stephen Murray until his death earlier this year. First joining the firm in 1989, Murray rode the long line of mergers and created companies for over 25 years until the founding of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He was one of the partners who took it to first greatness. In Murrays unfortunate departure, Greg Brenneman has taken the reins. Before his departure, Murray helmed the merger with The Hillman Companies, Inc. in the May of 2014. The merger will solidify CCMPs standing as a world investment powerhouse. This is because the partnership will give CCMP the controlling interest in Hillman which has been valued at $1.475 billion.

Hillman was founded in 1964. It continues to be the leader of the hardware and home improvement industry. Naturally, the company offers products in this area. It offers everything that may be needed in domestic, public, or industry hardware or home improvement projects. However, it also offers such stores assistance in inventory management and merchandising services. Hillman services over 26,000 stores throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, and Australia. To aid it in distribution of products and sources, Hillman has a huge network of facilities throughout the U.S. Canada, and Mexico.

CCMP is excited about taking Hillman even further. The investment giant is assured by the experience of Oak Hill Capital that it has made a good, sound investment. Oak Hill Capital first invested in Hillman in 2010 and has since reaped the great benefits.

And in turn, the leaders of Hillman are excited about what CCMP can bring to the table. They are especially excited because CCMP has tons of experience with retail and supply management and construction and home improvement companies. The London-based bank, Barclays, supervised the transaction.