Opting for Lime Crime Makeup Instead of Off Brands

Lime Crime is well known for creating color hues that most other makeup companies will not make. Their color hues are bold as well as intense and are not marketed for those who are weak at heart. If you are more of a simple minded person who is all about loving the more natural appearance and choose makeup colors that are subtle and natural, the Lime Crime makeup line is not for you.

The makeup line specializes in makeup choices which are environment friendly and animal friendly. The company will not test on poor animals as a way to check for adverse reactions to their makeup compositions. There will never be a worry that the makeup is made from animal fats or will be tested in a lab which tests on animals. People are always looking for a more natural makeup that will speak a thousand words without sacrificing their enriched makeup color hues. More individuals are seeking the makeup that is bold and speaks out to users.

There are more individuals these days who are searching for color choices that are rare and unique as more rockers and celebrities are specializing in colors that may have only been preciously seen on the big screen or model runways. More celebs are reaching out of their comfort zone to show their true taste and since this once previous makeup flaw is now being showcased all around the globe, more people want to showcase their individuality.

Lime Crime was created to be a standout makeup line that was created by someone who had a very limited budget but had a dream that they could start their own makeup company. Since the company was started and was launched, individual companies have started to see a boom in sales of the color hues that Lime Crime only made and have launched similar color choices. The company specializes in lip gloss, lipstick,mascara and even nail polish.

The unicorn lip gloss is a real showstopper and will make your lips really standout to a crowd. The eyes will pop and shimmer when using the mascara along with the glitter line which will draw attention to your beautiful eyes. The idea of wearing all natural color tones will now be a thing of the past and with the idea of combining all the different makeup choices together, there will never be another dull moment again when wearing lime crime makeup.

You might not be interested in the color choices for yourself but may be shopping around for someone who is generally hard to shop for when holidays and birthdays come around. We all know someone who loves to standout in a crowd or who is the one person people stare and gawk at during the outings as a family and with this makeup line available, you can rest easy knowing that at least no animals were harmed during the process of manufacturering.