George Soros achievement in promoting equality and democracy

Sometimes times society may face a lot of challenges. To stop the difficulties faced by the members of the community a lot of devotion is needed. Some people will just stay and watch their friends suffer. Waiting to see bad things happen was one of George Soros dislikes.

George would try his best to ensure justice achievement, and there is no party which gets mistreatment. In general, George Soros was the voice of weak, and he liked participating in charity work. George has funded many organizations and individuals enabling them to prosper in their work.

George Soros family background gave him a lot of motivation in fighting for the rights of human beings. George was born in Hungary in the year 1930. He was among the residents of Nazi occupation of 1944-45 which was affected by the murder of 50000 Hungarian Jews.

George’s family survived by using false documents which separated them from the other Jews. They also assisted their neighbors and friends to escape from catastrophe.

Soros being frustrated by that brutality act of killing people, he saw it as a good idea to unite and mobilize people so that they can join and stand firm.

He understood that being together can give the weak strength of resisting brutality from the people in power or the rich. George Soros grew up longing to see democracy being exercised. He was always against racial discrimination, mistreating the poor and also a dictatorship government.

Due to insecurity in Hungary, Soros left his home in Budapest in 1947 and went to London. He had to work hard to achieve his dreams. Being a student at London School of Economics, Soros had to find money to support his studies. He worked as part-time as a railway porter and in a nightclub. In 1956 Soros emigrated to united states where he hoped to start venturing into business. He managed to launch a hedge fund in 1970 and emerged be one of the lucky investors in the United States.

George Soros decided to use his fortune to benefit disadvantaged people in life. He created the Open Society Foundation to assist partners and people interested in projects. The foundation covered more than a hundred countries. The name of the organization reflected Soros thinking which advocated for democracy ruling, transparency and respect for other people opinions.

George Soros assisted in promoting the open exchange of ideas. When the cold war was over Soros expanded his philanthropy work to united states, Africa, and Asia. His main aim was to create accountable, transparency, and democratic societies. Soros has been one of the most important positive influences in the American European societies. He has done this by giving generously.

Soros was in the forefront fighting against drug use. He assisted at the start of America’s medical marijuana movement. Soros supported lawyers who represented individuals who were held unlawfully by the court. Also, he did not keep quiet and see workers being mistreated. He significantly fought for them and even fought for people who were sexually mistreated. and Follow him

Why You Should Visit Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a renowned entrepreneur in Brazil. The sportsman owns one of the largest shopping malls in Paraiba, the Manaira Shopping Mall. The state-of-the-art restaurant seats on a 75 thousand square meter piece of land making it one of the largest leasable spaces in Paraiba. The restaurant was founded in 1989. The mall is one of the leading destinations for individuals who are interested in having fun and leisure.


The restaurant has a cinema hall equipped with 3D rooms and VIP rooms and an interactive stadium system. The system has armchairs, which mimic stand positions. It is also equipped with amusement park game station, which has over 200 gaming machines that vary in type to cater for the needs and tastes of various ages.


Domus Hall


Additionally, the mall has Domus Hall, one of the largest concert halls. Domus Hall structure is modern and can accommodate four thousand people sitting and ten thousand standing. It has two floors to ensure that guests have adequate space. The second floor has private cabins for ten people and has access to lounge music and dressing rooms. The ground floor is developed for mega shows, presentations, graduations, stand-ups, private events, fairs, and weddings. If you need a place to visit and have fun with your family and peers, look no further than Manaira shopping mall.


Gourmet Space


Manaira shopping mall houses a gastronome, which offers a conducive environment for people visiting with families. The gourmet has several food courts, bars and ice cream parlors making it meet all the needs of a family.




If you like exploring and admiring various cultures, Manaira Shopping mall will satisfy this need. The restaurant hosts several exhibitions with the aim of fostering culture and knowledge. In this space, the shrewd entrepreneur partners with the purchasing center to promote culture and diversity. School children visit the mall for fun, knowledge and appreciate various cultures.


Other Services


Apart from entertainment, Manaira Shopping Mall is home to several banks and colleges. The mall has undergone renovation and five primary expansions to keep up with the ever changing consumer tastes.


About Roberto Santiago


Roberto Santiago is a successful businessman and sportsman. He goes down in history as the only Brazilian to win kart championship and has won the first place severally in the championship. He also has several titles of motocross competition. Santiago was born in 1958, and he holds a bachelor’s degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.


Santiago began his career at Café Santa Rosa before venturing in the commercial real estate industry. Roberto utilizes his sharp vision to see opportunities that many other business people would fail to notice. Roberto also owns Mangabeira Shopping, another great mall that was opened in November 2014. Today, this investment is the largest commercial business center in South of Joao Pessoa.


Andy Wirth: From Intern to CEO

Few people have enjoyed such an intimate connection to nature in general and the resort and hotel industry in particular as Andy Wirth. A grandson of a former US National Parks Service Director by the name Conrad, the love for nature flows in his veins. He cut his niche at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation back in 1986 where he became an intern after winding up his college education.

He worked with the company for over 20 years on various marketing positions until he moved to Intrawest, the parent company. When Intrawest acquired Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 2006, he assumed the position of Chief Marketing Officer and sales and marketing vice president. Besides other roles, he worked in support of local businesses as the president of the Mountain Village Partnership. Read more: andy wirth | POWDER Magazine

History He Made At Squaw Valley

When he moved to Squaw Valley ski resort, it was the end of a seven-decade Cushing familys reign after 16 years of Nancy Cushing as the CEO. Immediately, he took charge of the resorts upgrade at a cost of $70 million. Within a year, the presence of Wirth at the helm was felt when the company achieved a position among the top 20 companies in the skiing industry.

In addition, he oversaw the merger of Squaw Valley with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, becoming the CEO of both companies. As a result of the merger, customers can enjoy the services of both companies for a single ticket.


Over the years, Wirth had fallen in love with skydiving. One day in October 2013, something that would forever change his life and the lives of many Navy SEALS men happened.

He was on a course for downwind landing when he accidentally landed in a vineyard. He almost lost his right arm and by extension, his life due to excess bleeding.? Read more: Special Warfare Warrior | Andy Wirth’s Fundraiser

Although he is now on his way to recovery, the accident inspired him to co-find the Wounded Warrior Support in honor of Navy SEALS members returning home from special operation assignments. The organization offers support not only to the Navy SEALS men but also to their families.

Now aged 52, Andy Wirth continues to be an icon in the skiing industry as well as a popular and dedicated philanthropist.

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Bruce Levenson’s Career And Philanthropy Efforts

Who is Bruce Levenson and what kind of career does he have? For those who want to learn more about Levenson, they can read the rest of this article.

Personal Background
Bruce Levenson is a businessman who is married with three kids. He also owns homes in both Potomac, Maryland and Atlanta.

Bruce Levenson is one of the founders of United Communications Group, which was launched in Levenson’s apartment in 1977. Under Levenson’s leadership, the company has grown into a very successful business that specializes in industries such as banking, telecommunications, news, data, energy and many more. Furthermore, UCG owns one of the most popular mobile apps that helps drivers find gas prices in their area, and that app is called GasBuddy.

Asides from UCG, another business Bruce Levenson on ucg is a partner in is the Atlanta Haws LLC, which is a group of people who own the basketball team the Atlanta Hawks. Back in 2014, the businessman did say he was going to sell his share of the group.

The businessman works with various philanthropic organizations. Some of these organizations include the Hoop Dreams Foundation and the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C.. He was once the president of the I Have A Dream Foundation in Washington. The organization helps kids who are low-income, and they are able to pursue higher education with the help of the organization.

One of the founding donors to the US Holocaust Museum is Bruce Levenson, and he funds another program called the Bringing the Lessons Home, which is one of the museum’s programs.

Levenson is a successful businessman because he works very hard and he has a caring heart, which can be seen from his philanthropy efforts. If people are not familiar with Levenson and the work he does, they should because he is one of the top businessmen in the country.

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FreedomPop, A New Wave of Reasonable Cell Phone Prices

How would you like to have a Motorola E smartphone for nearly 75% off. Many shoppers across the country are saying thats an unbeatable deal. How about a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone for a little more than 50% off. With many families living from paycheck to paycheck, its not that easy to save up $350 for some households. No matter what your economical status FreedomPop understands that individuals should be able to stay in touch with their loved ones. These particular phones offered will not only keep one in touch with their family and friends but can also save photos, surf the web and much more. The devices are refurbished phones that has access to Sprints network.

30 Days of Free Usage

Ever bought a cell phone in the mall or ordered one online? Afterwards you wonder about the calling plan, its cost and options. Well with FreedomPop they understand, choices and decisions have to be made. In fact, theyre giving their customers one whole month to think about it, before they have to invest. With an entire month of free voice calling and text messaging. But thats just the beginning! For no extra charge the buyer will receive 1 gigabyte of cellular data.

Funding, Investors and Global Expansion

The FreedomPop project is expanding quicker than expected. To be part of the success Intel Capital and the Axiata Group have joined in on the action. While Intel Capital has funded the project, Axiata has invested and plans to use its technology and business models. Axiata is a telecom operator that has good popularity throughout Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and other places throughout the world. FreedomPop plans to use Axiatas operational capabilities and expertise to make sure of the best customer experience, equipment circulation and development.

The way business is going FreedomPop is now considered to have a commercial partnership. CEO Stephen Stokois has decided it would be more than sensible not to sale at this moment. Especially with Partech Ventures and other investors such as DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital deciding to fund over 30 million into the company. Heading into the future globally and at such a rapid pace FreedomPop is sure to a success.