Lime Crime: Leading Ladies in the History of Beauty


Not only is Egypt part of the cradle of civilization, but it is also the makeup case of history. In the earliest recordings of Egyptian civilization, there are references to different recipes and techniques the Egyptians (women and men) used to beautify themselves. They depended on specially-trained apothecaries to blend botanicals, oils, and minerals to make up their eyes, lips, face, and nails. To them, makeup was religious sacrament as well as an aesthetic tool.

Perhaps one of the most well-known Egyptian beauties was Cleopatra VII. She and her family ruled Egypt for nearly thirty years. Her beauty was documented by her contemporaries and later historians. Cleopatras intelligence and political prowess led to romantic ties to Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Her iconic makeup includes heavy eyeliner (the eye of Osiris), bronzer, and ruby-red lips. She knew who she was and got the attention she wanted.

Marie Antoinette

It is good to be queen, even if it is just for a season. The French are legendary for their love of fashion and flare. Beauty products were usually reserved for aristocracy, and people displayed their wealth and social status with their fashion. Some of the lengths that French high society went to attain their idea of beauty is overwhelming.

One of the most prominent patron of French fashion was Queen Marie Antoinette. Beauty was a priority to Marie and she spared no expense to get the look that she wanted. In those times, women used white powder that contained lead to whiten their faces and enormous hairdos. Marie had a whole entourage of makeup artists, dress designers, and hair stylists to maintain her appearance in the French court. Even though her gross spending sprees led to her demise, she holds a seat of honor in the Historic Beauty Hall of Fame.

Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis

No one embodied the simple, classic American beauty like Jaqueline Onassis. She awed the crowds as she and her late husband, John F. Kennedy, rode the campaign trails to the presidency. As First Lady, women in American tried to emulate her chic style and simple lines. She made the pill box hat famous and was the center of attention in many international visits. Later in life, she popularized women wearing jeans and turtle necks, as well as dark, oversized sunglasses. America never had a queen; however, Jackie came pretty close to it.

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