Securus Technologies Efforts To Improve Inmate Communications

Securus managed to air its view to the United States courts about Federal Communication Commission (FCC) imposing rates on communications between inmates and the families. Certainly this plea has taken two weeks to be approved, and Securus is calling on for other competitions in the industry to agree to hold a meeting with FCC and discuss the rates of inmate phone calls. Imposing communication fees to inmates doesnt feel right considering their situation and the court sees it as a discretionary act. The court according to an associate of Securus saw the good intentions behind Securus while against the intrastate. In addition the firm strategies have been to promote safety for the public, the prisoners and security in correction agencies.

Securus Technologies move was to help in coming up with policies that are balanced to the safety, jurisdictional and the cost of intrastate. It is a great gesture for the federal communication commission agreeing to meet up with Securus amongst other competitors in the industry and identify a solution to the cap rates. This is bearing in mind the welfare of the whole society, families, inmates, correction agencies and the whole safety enhancement industry. Securus believes that once they come together with FCC they can have the platform to develop public policy that is right and respective to inmates right to communications. Failure to would mean that inmates would incur costs and fees which in this case are insecure for all the victims and the whole society.

Over time, Securus Technologies major intention is to connect what matters; communication has been the riding drive at Securus especially with inmates to their families. Securus has advanced communications strategies like the inmates phone system and video visitation application an app meant for communication. This has strategically promoted safety in the society and security for all inmates. Inmate communication monitoring has enhanced the security in prisons especially now that there is no face to face visits, makes it safe for all the incarcerated. Securus is the leading provider of criminal justice, advanced technological solutions in promoting public safety and communication.

The Dallas Texas-based firm also has advanced solutions to safeguard important information, investigation, correcting and monitoring of products and services. Securus advanced technologies are with its tea of software developers, engineers, and patents and also the sales persons have assisted the firm in promoting global safety. The firm has over 30 years experience in the field and has greatly reduced the workload of over 3450 correction agencies in addition to enhancing more safety.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the Securus Amazon product for health nor is it a part of the site, Securus America.

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