General Overview on Dogs Food

Most firms are coming up with nutritious and balanced diets for the dogs. For a pet the quality and quantity of food should not be compromised. One should be cautious on what to feed the dog at every stage of their life. Most traditional marketing firms are specializing in the manufacturing of quality feeds for the dogs due to stiff competition from upcoming companies. For years the blending of lamb and salmon into kibbles has worked but recently the game changed. Transitions to fresh movements are highly marketable at the present moment. Tips for Healthy Feeding One should be in a position to choose the right food for their pets. Pets are much alike to human beings when it comes to nutrition. Since they are omnivores, they tend to live healthier by eating a variety of food which isbalanced. This means that the meal should have all the nutrients. Grains, meat and vegetables can be put as part of the diet. In addition to that one should understand that feeding depends on ideal weight, activity level and the age of the dog. Visiting a vet will help one be get the right guidance on the food portions and ensuring of ahealthy weight for the dog.
This is one of the quality dog food products produced by Nestle Purinapet care. This is a firm which was founded in 1894 and serves worldwide. These brands of dog food products arecomposed of dry food, wet dog food and treats for the dog. Its contents and appearances are the key elements that Nestle Purina uses to market Beneful. Beneful has records on twitter high returns of over $1.5 billion annually. Beneful was the first dog food that had soy as its main protein source rather than meat. The packaging for these feeds is amazing and serve multipurpose. They are also classified according to their flavor, size and the price range. This has been made so to ensure customers are able to trace the feeds that their dogs require and at what stage. Beneful products give a balanced diet to the dogs and this is quite encouraging to customers.

The Biography of Jon Urbana, Next Level Lacrosse Camp Owner

Alongside Lou Braun, Jon Urbana founded the Next Level Lacrosse camp, in the year of 2011 during the month April. During Jon Urbana’s career, he has received many awards and also many recognition’s, he was even put onto the Tewaaraton Award watch-list. Jon Urbana and Lou Braun made the decision to found the Next Level Lacrosse camp because they wanted to be able to help the lacrosse players of tomorrow be able to build their skills, with a little help from various other professional players too. When he went to Denver East High School, he had been the recipient of 3 different lacrosse and tennis varsity letters. He was also a three-time all-conference player for the Denver East High School and a two-time all-state pick.

Charity Work

Being the great man that he is, it is no surprise that Jon Urbana also does a lot of charity work. As of right now, Jon Urbana has two charity drives that he is trying to raise money for, one for crowdrise and one for gofundme. The charity drive that Jon Urbana is currently trying to raise money for using crowdrise is the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is a Denver-based cat shelter that does not kill cats, meaning that they are a no-kill shelter, and they provide the less fortunate cats with good homes and food. Jon Urbana is real big on animals (just look at his Instagram), so it comes as no surprise to everyone that he is trying to do this for this wonderful organization. 100% of the money that is raised will be going straight to the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society.

The gofundme charity that Jon Urbana is trying to raise money for, Earth Force Inc., is a company that wants to get the youth of today mobilized by turning the youth into participants and activists that are trying to better the conditions of their environment. Jon Urbana has always shown much compassion for the Earth and loves camping, and he wants to make sure that the Earth is taken care of just like we want our children to be taken care of.

Flying Career

Jon Urbana has had the privilege of becoming included in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. The Federal Aviation Administration has recognized the talents of Jon Urbana and he is now the owner of a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification. Jon Urbana has loved flying all of his life, and he loves that he is able to show the world just how much he loves to fly. Check him out flying in this video.

Business Ventures

In terms of business ventures, Jon Urbana is currently working with Ellipse USA and the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. For the past 3 years, Urbana has worked as the head of business development and for the past 4 years, he has worked as a coach and co-founder for the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. As far as Urbana’s?music skills are concerned, Jon Urbana has picked up many skills in the past couple of years, including blogging, new business development, marketing strategy, strategic planning, sales and entrepreneurship.

Alternative Investing with Solo Capital


The field of sports investing is highly specialized, and when you need advice you may want to look at Solo Capital. At Solo Capital they can help you target appropriate talent, and help you develop sound and safe investment decisions concerning the acquisition. Solo has an experienced team of sports investment consultants with a track record that is global in leadership. The services provided by Solo are tailored to fit each investors needs, and whether you are looking to acquire talent or asset and performance management, Solo has the staff to help you through the difficult decisions.

They offer strategies and advice on low risk high investment returns specializing in alternative investment opportunities. Known for their transparent reporting, Solo’s plans give the client a way to keep up with their investments, and with their superb customer service, they are always there to answer your questions and offer you the critical support you need. Along with their sports specialty, Solo Capital is known for its expertise in proprietary trading and investment.

The specialized team of proprietary advisers offer the client an edge to earn excess returns through index funds and exchange funds. Index funds and exchange funds are competitive alternatives to mutual funds and the securities market. Solo Capital will help you develop a portfolio that exceeds the S&P 500 including the index funds which match and exceed mutual fund performance. Index funds offer a broad exposure with lower costs and without portfolio turnover. It’s this method that brings in the excess returns, and they are often lower in risk than mainstream mutual funds.

According to DueDil, the bond and commodities market is matched and exceeded by Solo Capital’s strategy on Exchange traded funds (ETF). These funds track the mainstream bonds and commodity markets, and not only match them but surpasses them in performance. This type of investment strategy by Solo Capital is a means for individual investors no matter what their size to earn better returns with lower risk. Solo Capital has your investment interests at heart, and the experience to back it up.

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Dog Food You Will Enjoy As Much As Your Pooch

The new blend in dog food is to eat like your owner bold advertising that is taking place. Beneful Dog Food is a premium dog food. The newest formulas are chock full of delicious ingredients that your dog will love. Dog food makers are now trying to create healthier and organic foods that are free from grains. They are making dog food with fresh fruits and vegetables. Dog food sales are increasing because of the new organic way the food is made and the new advertising of the food. Purina is moving to build a larger dog food empire by acquiring Merrick dry and wet dog food collections. The different levels of foods range from puppy food to adult dog foods. They are even making new strides in the healthy weight loss dog foods. Each of these foods helps the dogs to have more energy and become healthier. Changes in the dog food industry are promising healthier and happier pooches. The foods are made with fresh meats, fruits, whole grains, and fresh vegetables. Families love their pets and want the best for them so they will purchase the best in food for them. Because of the new mixtures of healthier foods, the dog food industry is earning billions. The executive officer of one company adds that the food is so good that he will eat it himself. He was heard to say that the food was delectable and tasted like Thanksgiving while cutting into a tube of soft dog food and popping it into his mouth. Beneful dog food is creating this delicious food for your dog by making sure it is full of good ingredients. They have dog food on Petco for every type of dog no matter how big or small. They even have foods that will feed your pets all through his or her life. Soft foods, gourmet foods, dry foods, puppy foods, and healthy weight loss foods are all available and ready for your dog to enjoy. Beneful also produces dog treats and dental bones that will give your dog something to keep them busy or to praise them when they do well. Treating your dog to a delicious dog food will trust your dog to Beneful.

FreedomPop, A New Wave of Reasonable Cell Phone Prices

How would you like to have a Motorola E smartphone for nearly 75% off. Many shoppers across the country are saying thats an unbeatable deal. How about a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone for a little more than 50% off. With many families living from paycheck to paycheck, its not that easy to save up $350 for some households. No matter what your economical status FreedomPop understands that individuals should be able to stay in touch with their loved ones. These particular phones offered will not only keep one in touch with their family and friends but can also save photos, surf the web and much more. The devices are refurbished phones that has access to Sprints network.

30 Days of Free Usage

Ever bought a cell phone in the mall or ordered one online? Afterwards you wonder about the calling plan, its cost and options. Well with FreedomPop they understand, choices and decisions have to be made. In fact, theyre giving their customers one whole month to think about it, before they have to invest. With an entire month of free voice calling and text messaging. But thats just the beginning! For no extra charge the buyer will receive 1 gigabyte of cellular data.

Funding, Investors and Global Expansion

The FreedomPop project is expanding quicker than expected. To be part of the success Intel Capital and the Axiata Group have joined in on the action. While Intel Capital has funded the project, Axiata has invested and plans to use its technology and business models. Axiata is a telecom operator that has good popularity throughout Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and other places throughout the world. FreedomPop plans to use Axiatas operational capabilities and expertise to make sure of the best customer experience, equipment circulation and development.

The way business is going FreedomPop is now considered to have a commercial partnership. CEO Stephen Stokois has decided it would be more than sensible not to sale at this moment. Especially with Partech Ventures and other investors such as DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital deciding to fund over 30 million into the company. Heading into the future globally and at such a rapid pace FreedomPop is sure to a success.

Great Health Care from Nobilis Health

Nobilis Health, previously known as North Star Healthcare and Athas Health, is a health care company that provides ambulatory and acute care for patients. This company is a healthcare and management company that strives to provide low cost facilities for out patient situations. Nobilis Health deals with non to minimally invasive procedures. With seven surgical sites in the Scottsdale, Houston, and Dallas area and also centers in Arizona, Tennessee, New Jersey, Oregon, Michigan, and Minnesota this company is broadening its horizons and making a huge impact of public health care.

Nobilis Health buys and improves health care facilities and has so far been able to reduce debt and increase patient satisfaction and maintain lower medical costs to its patients. With the experience and knowledge that comes with being a management team, this enables Nobilis to collaborate and improve the quality of health care in all the facilities it owns. With physicians on being major stock holders and with the running of large health care centers being run for the physicians, this allows the physicians to focus of providing great service and health care to patients without the worry of the corporate section taking time out of their busy schedules to focus on management.

With health care being one of the largest industries in our society today, it is very important that health care providers help not alienate patients. The cost of health care is an extra burden to family budgets as is, but with Nobilis Health on making health care more affordable and more pleasant, health care could once again be seen in a positive way not negative.