Improving Wikipedia for New Editors

Wikipedia is a large and varied encyclopedia that has revolutionized the way that online information is gathered and compiled. With millions of pages of data constantly being updated in real time, it is the single most collaborative source of information in the internet. This giant database needs a large volunteer force of editors to maintain the integrity, both intellectually and grammatically, of the entire website. Many volunteers do this as a way to give back to Wikipedia, having used the website for study. Others contribute to Wikipedia because they like compiling information. No matter what reason an editor joins in on the work, they need to follow a slew of simple guidelines. Before to try to create a Wiki page, GetYourWiki has provided some easy steps to make it more doable.

Study the Manual of Style.
Wikipedia needs to be one large and coherent source of information, as such Wikipedia wants to instill standards of practice for both the grammar/spelling and voice of the information that it contains. Keeping up with the rigorous standards allows Wikipedia to be cohesive. New editors should refer to the Manual of Style before attempting to edit anything on their own. They will find the different techniques that Wikipedia wants its editors to use.

Avoid personal opinions and bias.
Wikipedia is as enduring as it is because it removes the authors voice from the content and information. A page on Wikipedia cannot flourish if too many unique individual voices are trying to push the data into their own pigeonholed opinions. This means that new editors must learn to be objective about data and leave any emotional or biased thoughts out of their work. If an editor cannot maintain that professional distance then they are better off allowing another volunteer to work on the page.

Write for the audience.
Wikipedia has almost anything one can imagine and that information changes dramatically based on how advanced it is. Writing for the audience is key to succeeding in Wikipedia. For generalized topics, such as guitars, write with a clear and simplified voice. For advanced topics, such as music theory, feel free to talk more in depth about the different aspects of the page while using the appropriate wording.

Follow notability guidelines.
Though Wikipedia seems endless it is in fact limited to items of notability. If an editor is on the fence as to whether or not to create a page they should reference the notability guidelines to see if it meets the standards therein.

Igor Cornelsen; Exceptional Brazilian Businessman

Igor Cornelsen is a well-known personality, especially in the world of banking. He is a strategic and successful investor who deals with numerous types of investments. He is a leader in innovations and investment advice, which he shares with established and upcoming business people alike.
Igor Cornelsen is a native of South America. He was born in Brazil and spent a significant amount of his early career in leadership roles for some of the top Brazilian banking institutions. Despite the successful banking career, Cornelsen retired from the field several years ago and now primarily focuses in the field of investment.
Currently, Cornelsen resides in Boca Raton, Southern Florida and works with the firm Bainbridge Group Inc, which is headquartered in the Bahamas, as the company proprietor. He is tasked with coming up with the companys capital investment strategies and plans.
Cornelsen has a solid reputation in investment and finance. He assists investors by giving expert financial advice and aids them with solid long-term investments. Cornelsen advises prospective investors to avoid problematic companies that could cost them huge losses. He encourages people to invest in actual stocks that have a potential of high returns. He is a great fan of the stock market, and specifically loves stock openings that can be bought inexpensively. Cornelsen advises his clients always to concentrate on long-term investments that will offer great rewards with patience and dedication.
Igor Cornelsen is known for his strong and extensive knowledge in many varied fields of investments. He regularly writes articles providing prospective investors all over the world with important tips regarding different kinds of investments. He is a role model to many business people and financial experts due to his extensive knowledge in the field of business and investments. Many business personalities look up to him for advice and will eagerly read his financial articles to get advice on where and when to invest next.
Cornelsen does not hesitate to give his coveted tips to companies both in the United States and beyond. His extensive knowledge in investments has earned him international recognition to the extent that his effective investment portfolio management techniques have been quoted by the popular CNN iReport website. His advice has also continuously been featured on respectable financial publications and financial websites.
Igor Cornelsen is also an avid golfer who spends most of his free time golfing away in his South Florida neighborhood.

Iman Shumpert Locks into Cleveland Return.

There was a time in the NBA that Iman Shumpert and Jimmy Butler were both thought of as elite wing defenders with similar ceilings above them. Nobody thought that Butler would ever grow into a legitimate super star, but neither did anyone think that Iman Shumpert would fade in talent with injuries. To be fair, Shump couldn’t exactly control when or how he got hurt, he could only control how he bounced back. After languishing in New York, Iman and JR Smith were dealt to Cleveland and both saw their careers revitalize. Fans like Sam Tabar have learned that now Shumpert wants to return the favor and come back to Cleveland.

According to the rumor mill Iman Shumpert has designs on returning to Cleveland and taking another go around with LeBron James and the rest of the Cavs. In an Instagram post Shumpert captioned a photo, “Be back soon, Cleveland” and that appears to be on the horizon. A deal is in place between Cavs management and Shumpert on a four year extension worth around $40 million bucks. Seems like a lot of money for who has essentially been a career role player, no?

In Cleveland we watched Shumpert grow into one of the more unique players on the Cavs squad. He played elite defense, routinely taking the best guy on the court and allowing ‘Bron to rest, while adding in important three point shooting. His hustle on the court also gave the Cavs revitalized energy when they needed it. We believe it to be a great signing.