George Soros achievement in promoting equality and democracy

Sometimes times society may face a lot of challenges. To stop the difficulties faced by the members of the community a lot of devotion is needed. Some people will just stay and watch their friends suffer. Waiting to see bad things happen was one of George Soros dislikes.

George would try his best to ensure justice achievement, and there is no party which gets mistreatment. In general, George Soros was the voice of weak, and he liked participating in charity work. George has funded many organizations and individuals enabling them to prosper in their work.

George Soros family background gave him a lot of motivation in fighting for the rights of human beings. George was born in Hungary in the year 1930. He was among the residents of Nazi occupation of 1944-45 which was affected by the murder of 50000 Hungarian Jews.

George’s family survived by using false documents which separated them from the other Jews. They also assisted their neighbors and friends to escape from catastrophe.

Soros being frustrated by that brutality act of killing people, he saw it as a good idea to unite and mobilize people so that they can join and stand firm.

He understood that being together can give the weak strength of resisting brutality from the people in power or the rich. George Soros grew up longing to see democracy being exercised. He was always against racial discrimination, mistreating the poor and also a dictatorship government.

Due to insecurity in Hungary, Soros left his home in Budapest in 1947 and went to London. He had to work hard to achieve his dreams. Being a student at London School of Economics, Soros had to find money to support his studies. He worked as part-time as a railway porter and in a nightclub. In 1956 Soros emigrated to united states where he hoped to start venturing into business. He managed to launch a hedge fund in 1970 and emerged be one of the lucky investors in the United States.

George Soros decided to use his fortune to benefit disadvantaged people in life. He created the Open Society Foundation to assist partners and people interested in projects. The foundation covered more than a hundred countries. The name of the organization reflected Soros thinking which advocated for democracy ruling, transparency and respect for other people opinions.

George Soros assisted in promoting the open exchange of ideas. When the cold war was over Soros expanded his philanthropy work to united states, Africa, and Asia. His main aim was to create accountable, transparency, and democratic societies. Soros has been one of the most important positive influences in the American European societies. He has done this by giving generously.

Soros was in the forefront fighting against drug use. He assisted at the start of America’s medical marijuana movement. Soros supported lawyers who represented individuals who were held unlawfully by the court. Also, he did not keep quiet and see workers being mistreated. He significantly fought for them and even fought for people who were sexually mistreated. and Follow him

The Open Society Foundations Accounts For More Than Half Of George Soros’ Fortune

The Open Society Foundations charity has its work cut out. The organization carries out extensive programs that promote democracy, civil rights, justice and responsible governments across the globe. In a recent communication with CNN Money, the group revealed an ongoing wealth transfer initiative that will see the founder of the organization transfer a significant amount of his wealth to the charity. A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal documented that George Soros had transferred $18 billion to the foundation.

This capital injection will facilitate the operations of the Open Society Foundations in over 100 countries where the charity has established its presence. Some of the most significant problems that OSF has been actively combating are authoritarianism, judicial injustices, and discrimination of minority groups such as refugees and the LGBT community.

At 87, George Soros is still determined to bring positive change to the world. The billionaire plans to donate a significant amount of his wealth to the Open Society Foundations. Since it was founded in the early 1980s, OSF has spent over $14 billion towards various initiatives and funds according to the organization’s spokesperson Laura Silber.

Silber indicated that the Open Society Foundations is currently valued at $18 billion. This valuation makes OSF more substantial than the Ford Foundation. Using figures obtained from the National Philanthropic Trust, OSF is now second to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the list of the most significant charities in the world.

George Soros who’s actively involved in the American politics has always made his stand known as far as national governments are concerned. The billionaire is a significant donor to the Democratic Party in the US and is by far one of the most prominent critics of the Trump administration. George Soros has always been outspoken on the conduct and utterances of President Trump. According to the business leader, the Trump Government has normalized hate towards minority groups such as Hispanics in the United States. Follow George Soros on

George Soros’ philosophies were shaped by the unfortunate incidences he encountered when he was young. His father had to procure false identities for them to survive the Nazi occupation in the hometown, Hungary. George Soros got his college education at the London School of economics and later immigrated to the United States to build his career in finance and investment. His maneuvers in Wall Street coupled with a sharp business streak have enabled him to amass a lot of success in business.

The Open Society Foundations has contributed to the advancement of global humanitarian programs. In the United States, the organization has remained vocal on matters immigrants, justice, and democracy. In Europe, the fund has helped numerous civil rights groups and non-profit agencies advance liberal courses. For all the excellent work the Open Society Foundations has done, it has drawn critics who continuously misinterpret the actions of George Soros.


Now that George Soros has retired from the hedge funds business, he has committed a great deal of his time to the Open Society Foundations. The fund is his way of promoting change and good deeds in the society. Learn more at The Atlantic.

How Securus Technologies have Grown to be a Leader in Technology

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of technology that has been used to protect the society and the World we live in. They have worked in collaboration with correction organizations, public safety organizations and also their customers who are flowing every moment. They have always been on the frontline requesting for assistance to guard the community. Today the company have specialized their tech skills in solutions, criminal and civil justice technologies while also focusing on preventing various crimes in the society. This is also in inclusivity of the crimes that have been committed by the inmates while they have been in prison. They closely with the prison authorities towards ensuring that they apply technology to changing the lives of people in those prisons.


Securus Technologies enjoys the great leadership of one of the World’s greatest CEO by the name Rick Smith who have always worked and dedicated his time and skills for the company’s success. He has a very clear vision of ensuring that the company becomes a leader in technology. He is known becoming of his commitment in emphasizing innovation, teamwork and also coordination in various departments.


Securus Technologies have also never been left behind in ensuring that the lives of the inmates are also taken seriously. They have also invested in technology and they have been on the frontline pushing for the success of these people. Through their investment in phone technology, they have managed to bring the prisoners close to their families by introducing cell phones in the cells. That technology has also been beefed up using the Android tech and they have been able to introduce video technology in those areas. That way they were able to make sure that they are able to communicate using video calls with their families which has been a great boost to their welfare.

Rocketship Education and Preston Smith – Here Is Why The Network Is So Good

Rocketship Education was created in 2007 by Preston Smith, who had spent the last six year in small childhood education throughout California. John Danner helped integrate education into technology so

President and CEO Preston Smith founded the nexus of K-5 charter schools in 2007 with help from his now-former business partner, John Danner. He left the school in 2013, leaving Preston Smith at the helm. RSED is currently a leading K-5 school in providing personalized education for each individual student.

Rocketship Education solicits feedback from each of its students’ parents and guardians. Administrators like Preston Smith are able to mold how teachers present things to students. Even though most kids do well in understanding regular lectures, it’s beneficial for troubled students to have time for personalized education taken places through technological devices and the latest technology.

Home visits are made by teachers to the homes of students every year to help build plans around them. Parents also get more involved as a result, as well, two important benefits of their involvement with what’s going on at school.

When principals coach teachers on a weekly basis with recommendations they receive from parents, students who are struggling in class get helped. Personalized education helps them even further. Not many kids are able to learn through both regular lectures and personalized lesson plans that are conducted in typical classroom settings.

Teachers should be flexible in taking feedback, rather than failing to change their current methodologies of teaching that all students may not be doing well with.

Educators always need to take advice from people who directly aren’t responsible for the performance of nearby charter schools like Rocketship Education. If even they don’t use parents’ and community members’ feedback more often than their own thoughts, any help is better than none when it comes to deciphering and evaluating educational performance by teachers in classrooms.

Adam Milstein Outstanding Philanthropic Work

Adam Milstein a famous Israelite who moved and settled in America with his family in 1981. Adam is a renowned successful real estate entrepreneur, a record that is attributed to his humble background. He has done notable philanthropic work and has continued to participate in various charitable activities. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Technion in Israel and an MBA from Southern California.

Adam Milstein started his career as a sales agent at Hager Pacific Properties, and with his hard work, he later became the managing partner. He is currently in charge of financing, positioning and accounting in the real estate firm. He was motivated by a friend to help his community which has since resulted into the good deeds Milstein has offered to the community. He has shown total focus in strengthening the relationship between America and Israel as well as the Jewish people and Israel-American community. He achieves this through the involvement in non-profit organizations where he is a board member. These organizations include; Israel-America council, Jewish Founders Network, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel,Israel on Campus Coalition, AIPAC Council, AISH Los Angeles among several others.

Adam Milstein together with his wife co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This organization aids in empowering Israelites living in America. It also supports programs that help both students and young professionals to be proud as well as understand their Jewish identity. Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation help Israel-Americans to maintain attachment to their mother country.

The organization also has extended to campuses where Adam Milstein, Sheldon Adelson and Haim Shaban held The Maccabees Campus Summit in 2015. The event advocated for Israel’s legitimacy recognition and the fight against discrimination of the Jewish among several other agenda.

Due to his enduring dedication to his philanthropic work, Adam was listed among the best influential philanthropists in the world this year. He has played a major role in influencing the lives of various people positively and especially the Jewish. With his active involvement in projects, he has made the Israel-America individuals comfortable by addressing the issues affecting them. He has reportedly promised to continue supporting corporate social responsibilities.

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Jason Hope Renowned Technologist, Investor, and Futurist Based in Scottsdale, Arizona

It is a well-known fact that technology is playing a vital role in the development of the world and helping change lives. Many new technologies are emerging as a result of various research and development initiatives being carried out by different companies and technology centers. Jason Hope is one of the renowned investors, businessmen, technologists, and futurist, who are known to help startups with funds, support, and mentoring to help them realize their long-term vision. As a futurist, Jason Hope believes and has a vision for the future that may come across as far-fetched for many people today, but he follows his vision with complete determination, passionately and practically.

One of the new technologies that Jason Hope has been writing and talking about a lot recently is the internet of things technology. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things has the power to transform the things as we know it today. It would connect all the different devices we use today electronically in a way that they would be able to communicate and act in a synchronized fashion. The internet of things technology would also help the users to connect different devices and give them command from a remote location as well. It has many practical applications in the real world, and many of the industries have started researching on how they can maximize their potential through the use of Internet of Things technology.

Jason Hope is happy that among many other sectors, the aviation industry has also started using the internet of things technology. The airplanes can now transmit information about damage to the engine or any other parts to the ground crew immediately so that the technicians are ready with the repair equipment and tools. It would also inform the professionals as to what the problem is and which area is damaged. Such information can help efficiently save time and money.

Jason Hope says that the internet of things can also assist in reducing the commotion in traffic situation as well by helping people know in real time the situation in specific areas. It would help the people to commute smartly and encourage the use of public conveyance, thereby also reducing the carbon footprint as well. He has studied finance from the University of Arizona and completed Masters in Business Hours from the W.P. Carey School of Business. As a futurist, he also has a deep interest in the power of biotechnology and research. Jason Hope feels that the aging process can be reversed and the lifespan of the humans can be increased drastically if proper and in-depth research is conducted on a molecular level. It is why he provides generous donations to the SENS Research Foundation, which is involved in such extensive research.

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Why You Should Visit Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a renowned entrepreneur in Brazil. The sportsman owns one of the largest shopping malls in Paraiba, the Manaira Shopping Mall. The state-of-the-art restaurant seats on a 75 thousand square meter piece of land making it one of the largest leasable spaces in Paraiba. The restaurant was founded in 1989. The mall is one of the leading destinations for individuals who are interested in having fun and leisure.


The restaurant has a cinema hall equipped with 3D rooms and VIP rooms and an interactive stadium system. The system has armchairs, which mimic stand positions. It is also equipped with amusement park game station, which has over 200 gaming machines that vary in type to cater for the needs and tastes of various ages.


Domus Hall


Additionally, the mall has Domus Hall, one of the largest concert halls. Domus Hall structure is modern and can accommodate four thousand people sitting and ten thousand standing. It has two floors to ensure that guests have adequate space. The second floor has private cabins for ten people and has access to lounge music and dressing rooms. The ground floor is developed for mega shows, presentations, graduations, stand-ups, private events, fairs, and weddings. If you need a place to visit and have fun with your family and peers, look no further than Manaira shopping mall.


Gourmet Space


Manaira shopping mall houses a gastronome, which offers a conducive environment for people visiting with families. The gourmet has several food courts, bars and ice cream parlors making it meet all the needs of a family.




If you like exploring and admiring various cultures, Manaira Shopping mall will satisfy this need. The restaurant hosts several exhibitions with the aim of fostering culture and knowledge. In this space, the shrewd entrepreneur partners with the purchasing center to promote culture and diversity. School children visit the mall for fun, knowledge and appreciate various cultures.


Other Services


Apart from entertainment, Manaira Shopping Mall is home to several banks and colleges. The mall has undergone renovation and five primary expansions to keep up with the ever changing consumer tastes.


About Roberto Santiago


Roberto Santiago is a successful businessman and sportsman. He goes down in history as the only Brazilian to win kart championship and has won the first place severally in the championship. He also has several titles of motocross competition. Santiago was born in 1958, and he holds a bachelor’s degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.


Santiago began his career at Café Santa Rosa before venturing in the commercial real estate industry. Roberto utilizes his sharp vision to see opportunities that many other business people would fail to notice. Roberto also owns Mangabeira Shopping, another great mall that was opened in November 2014. Today, this investment is the largest commercial business center in South of Joao Pessoa.


Omar Yunes: The Self-Made Entrepreneur Recently Declared the Best Franchisee in the World

Identifying competent partners is an important undertaking for all businesses. Who you choose to work with could spell the difference between a thriving and a struggling business. As such, when a 21-year-old Omar Yunes approached Japanese food organization Sushi Itto to open up its first franchise in Mexico, the management was a little skeptical and initially unconvinced. At that point, Omar Yunes was largely unknown and untested in the business world. Regardless, Sushi Itto agreed to partner to partner with him. In the years since opening the first franchise unit, Omar Yunes has more than repaid the Japanese company’s faith. Today he operates 13 franchise units for the international food brand, representing 10% of their total global units.

His immense contribution to the running and bottom line of Sushi Itto recently led to him winning the Best Franchisee in the World. He got the green-light to be included in the competition on account of winning the national best franchise in Mexico the previous year. To win the global accolade, Yunes had to brush off competition drawn from 34 countries across the Globe including South American giants Brazil and Argentina and European heavy weights France and Italy. Being a recipient of the award has greatly improved the Yunes’s prominence in the Mexican business scene. More importantly, it has also brought increased positive attention to Sushi Itto, meaning that returns will likely be higher for both the Japanese brand and Omar Yunes.

Among the various management skills that have made Omar Yunes such a success, his personnel management skills certainly stand out. In totality, the 13 franchise units under Yunes’s control in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz employ 400 people. These employees are highly motivated and competitively paid. Additionally, Yunes is has displayed the uncanny ability to develop flexible business networks that greatly come in handy when circumstances change.

Above all, we have to admire Omar Yunes’s bravery. While Yunes was born into a financially stable family, he decided not to rest on his laurels and instead took a big risk at the age of 21. Thus far, the risk has significantly paid off and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Draft Fantasy Sports is Fun

Sports lovers will want to try their hand at fantasy sports. Some people even have parties at each other’s houses with refreshments for added enjoyment. They like to spend the time together, and they love all the sports that they can access. It is important that they have enough seating for their guests, and some great music to play also.

Visit Draft for some exciting fun and to take care of your sports cravings. This is the best place that you can enjoy the daily drafts for golf, NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA. It is so easy to use because you pick a draft, select your players, watch and win.

Draft fantasy sports is just what many people need in their daily life to keep them busy. Since they can do so from the comfort of their home or from their Smartphone, they can play at any time that is right for them, wherever they are.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Committed Life to Cancer Patients

For the majority of his career, Mikhail Blagosklonny has been helping cancer patients to make sure that he can provide them with the things that they need to have a better life. He has stuck to the way that things are supposed to be and that has made him an excellent option for people who are looking for the right treatment options for their different cancer struggles. He does his best to give everyone the help that they need and has done it through research, his peer review publication, patient assistance and having an overall attitude intended to help people with their issues.Since Mikhail Blagosklonny first started in the medical field, he has always been dedicated to helping people out and learning more about their situations.

He has always been committed to making a difference and has come a long way since he first started. One of the most important things that Mikhail Blagosklonny has done is helped people out with the issues that they are having by trying to find new types of treatment. He is always researching to find the best option for his patients and that is what has helped to amke him a better doctor.When he was doing this research, Mikhail Blagosklonny found that there were not many people who published their findings and who were willing to talk about the things that they were doing, but he wanted to come up with a plan to show people that they could connect together. This is where Oncotarget came in at. It is a peer review publication that helped people to have a better grip on the options that they had for their patients. It also gave them the help that they needed and that was something that would make everything better for them no matter what they were doing.As Mikhail Blagosklonny continued to do this, he learned that there were many different options for people to enjoy.

In fact, one of them was the fact that he could give people the help that they needed to experience the better opportunities that they had. He chose to share all of these opportunities with his patients. One of the biggest things that has come from his support of the research is that he has been able to show them what they are able to get and how they can get different treatment options.Mikhail Blagosklonny is a helper. He has always been dedicated to helping people and he has made sure that he can help them out with the things that they are facing. For Mikhail Blagosklonny to continue doing this, he had to make sure that he was also helping other practitioners so that they would be able to enjoy the things that they were getting. For Mikhail Blagosklonny to make the most out of the options that he had, he wanted to keep helping people and giving them everything that they needed to be able to get better in different areas of treatment.